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4/23/14 5:15 PM
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What's the restaurant that you hate the most? Not fast food.

I'm talking going and sitting down and just ordering a big plate of shit.

I absolutely hate Applebees. Its disgusting. I feel like they have to scrape freezer burn off of all their food before cooking it.l Phone Post 3.0
4/23/14 5:22 PM
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Applebee's! I hear its all frozen and just reheated. Plus it's shitty to begin with. Phone Post 3.0
4/23/14 5:30 PM
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Here in Canada Boston Pizza has gone so far down hill. Super overpriced pizza and every other non pizza menu item sucks. Phone Post 3.0
4/23/14 5:39 PM
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Absolutely agree with Applebee's. I wouldn't feed my dog that crap. Phone Post 3.0
4/23/14 5:41 PM
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Applebee's for sure. BJ's is a close second, where I work. Phone Post 3.0
4/23/14 5:41 PM
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Came here for Applebee's. Chilis is legit Phone Post 3.0
4/23/14 5:43 PM
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4/23/14 5:44 PM
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Red robin Phone Post 3.0
4/23/14 5:45 PM
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Most franchises are just as crappy as Applebee's, Red Lobster, Ruby Tuesdays's, all of them. The problem for me is not so much the frozen food, but I find the salt content of most stuff from places like that to be way over the top, I guess in an effort to cover up relatively poor food quality with seasoning. Nevertheless, if I am not careful when ordering from one of those places, between the carbs and salt, I will feel like shit afterward. But I will eat at any of them even though I do not do so frequently. It's just a matter of carefully considering what exactly you are ordering and how it is likely processes. I love the hell out of almost any booger filled salad bar at any of those places.
4/23/14 5:47 PM
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I agree with the poster who like Chili's the best though, and that's basically because there is only so much processing you can do to fajitas. OK, the meat is going to be lower quality than you would buy at the store for yourself, but most of the other ingredients are raw, so you're not ingesting toooo much total garbage.
4/23/14 5:47 PM
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Red fucking lobster Phone Post 3.0
4/23/14 5:54 PM
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I'm from Europe and me and my son - 17 at the time - went to New York for a long awaited holiday. (He is overly impressed with everything American, so I thought I'd show him the good stuff.)

Bad luck Darwin happened to pin point this Manhattan trip to nail hurricane Sandy. :(

When the city was shut off we stood in line in Applebee's for several hours and ended up not getting served so we went to the nearest Asian drugstore and stacked up on cookies and candy (and beer and whiskey for dad) instead.

I guess we weren't missing out then?

4/23/14 5:57 PM
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Captain america - Red fucking lobster Phone Post 3.0

That was a major disapointment, (price vs quality).

We got way better food at regular restaurants in NY at the same price or better.

4/23/14 5:59 PM
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Waffle House...duh!
4/23/14 6:02 PM
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Olive Garden. yuck.

4/23/14 6:02 PM
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Red robin I've eaten there 4 times and had food poisoning twice Phone Post 3.0
4/23/14 6:07 PM
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CMX - Red robin I've eaten there 4 times and had food poisoning twice Phone Post 3.0

The question "why?" comes to mind...

4/23/14 6:31 PM
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I love red robin Phone Post 3.0
4/23/14 6:34 PM
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Worst- red lobster. Phone Post 3.0
4/23/14 6:35 PM
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tj tapper - I love red robin Phone Post 3.0
Habanero burger rocks Phone Post 3.0
4/23/14 6:38 PM
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4/23/14 6:38 PM
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I really hate The Cheesecake Factory.

The food comes out and the portions are massive. Like one order is actually the size of two normal dinners. And then it's just fucking slathered in butter. It's disgusting. I eat it and then want to immediately kill myself.

The cheesecake is good, though.
4/23/14 6:57 PM
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Still have a 3 year old Applebee's gift card that it have no interest using. Chili's is awful too. I've never gotten fully cooked food there. Phone Post 3.0
4/23/14 6:58 PM
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B Sharps - Crapplebee's

No doubt the worst 'restaurant' evar Phone Post 3.0
4/23/14 7:00 PM
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IHOP and Denny's always leave me feeling ill afterwards. I will still do Denny's once every couple years. IHOP-never again. Phone Post 3.0