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4/22/14 10:46 PM
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This isn't a spin, the other thread just got me thinking.

Could you get in a relationship with a girl who cheated with you? Or do you think she would cheat on you?
Let's say you both developed feelings for each other while she has a bf. You both love each other more than anything, she's your perfect girl....she cheats with you and decides to break up with her bf for you.

Yes or no? Phone Post 3.0
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4/22/14 10:48 PM
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Once a, always a... Phone Post 3.0
4/22/14 10:50 PM
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What if she didn't have a BF? That is the real question.

4/22/14 10:50 PM
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I did. I had a girlfriend, she didnt have a boyfriend though. Been together since 2004. Cheating has never been an issue.
4/22/14 10:53 PM
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If she'll cheat with you, she'll cheat on you!


Just look at that dumb cunt tori spelling.

My wife made me watch some stupid clip online where her and her husband are in couples therapy because he was fucking some slat on the side.

Well apparantly they were both married when they started fucking and tori spelling even said based on how our marriage came about, I always questioned if he would do the same to me.

4/22/14 10:55 PM
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If you have to ask... Phone Post 3.0
4/22/14 10:56 PM
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"You both love each other more than anything, she's your perfect girl....she cheats with you and decides to break up with her bf for you."

If someone is in a relationship, but somehow falls in love with someone else, the only upstanding thing they can do in that situation is end their current relationship before moving on.

If they choose otherwise they aren't a good or trustworthy person.
4/22/14 10:58 PM
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Cheating on someone is a huge character flaw so I wouldn't want to be someone who would do that to their partner, whether it was me or their ex. Phone Post 3.0
4/22/14 10:59 PM
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I also wouldn't trust someone who hooks up with or dates someone who already has a significant other.
4/22/14 11:00 PM
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If she sucking yo dick she fucking another's Phone Post 3.0
4/22/14 11:18 PM
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How you get them is how you lose them. You can't make a ho a housewife. Phone Post 3.0
4/22/14 11:19 PM
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Nope. If she cheated with you she'll likely cheat on you if you get in a relationship

4/22/14 11:20 PM
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Certainly isn't advisable. Phone Post 3.0
4/22/14 11:22 PM
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Let a ho be a ho. Phone Post 3.0
4/22/14 11:26 PM
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nope. her actions with you show you can't trust her. old saying still hold weight. you can't turn a hoe into a house wife. enjoy  her for what it is. but you gotta keep emotions in check. never let yourself catch feeling for a female you  know cheats

4/22/14 11:31 PM
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"Here this whole time I thought you were a whore with a heart of gold. Instead you're just a whore with a regular old whore's heart.” Phone Post 3.0
4/22/14 11:34 PM
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NO /thread
4/22/14 11:55 PM
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You guys are funny. People do stupid shit when they are young. A lot of people learn from experiences. A lot of people don't. Phone Post 3.0
4/23/14 12:02 AM
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People can change... But the answer to the originally posed question is: most times, no. Phone Post 3.0
4/23/14 12:06 AM
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jju - I did. I had a girlfriend, she didnt have a boyfriend though. Been together since 2004. Cheating has never been an issue.
Famous last words. Phone Post 3.0
4/23/14 12:14 AM
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If you are a beta you do Phone Post 3.0
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Maybe.  It would depend on how it went down.
I met a girl while I was in a relationship once.  I met her while on vacation and it turned out we were from the same city. We hit it off and things escalated pretty quickly.  I ended up cheating on my GF with her but I never divulged that I was attached.  
As soon as I got home I ended it my GF.  At first I never really gave a reason, I just said that I wanted to see other people.  She asked if I met someone else.  I said yes and that was it.
While I wouldn't exactly say that I acted honourably I don't really feel any shame about what I did.  Besides everything ended up working out in the end.  I'm still friends with the X and the relationship with the new girl went well.  I even eventually revealed to her that I wasn't exactly single when we met.  Surprisingly, she was cool with it, although she was a little miffed that I didn't tell her straight up.  She actually even found the idea of being "the other women" kind of hot.
I suppose if it happened something like that I could see past it.  I don't think I would if she was deliberately hiding it from her SO while staying with him for any period.  That shit would give me trust issues for sure.


4/23/14 12:45 AM
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Alright, I picked up my last girlfriend at the bar, I was on fire at that time banging a bunch of hot chicks frequently. I took her home, we started banging and when she was done she started crying about having a BF, I told her to GTFO but I felt bad for her. She finds me on facebook and messages me none stop until I hang out with her again, I do but we don't fuck or anything just talk about mutual interests like comics and martial arts. She then breaks up with her boyfriend, fucks me again and goes far away for a month. In that time a good friend offd himself I banged a few more dimes and when I wasn't grieving I was living it up. When she came back we hung out a few more times and decided to start dating. We dated for a year and a half, I never trusted her, and she broke up with me a week before she was supposed to move in with me. Those are the facts, but I am pretty sure she cheated near the end (had been told suspicious shit by a few people).

Do I think you should trust someone who cheated with you? Probably not. Would I do it all again? I was on a slampage and probably could have found a better relationship at that time when the confidence was sky high. So, in conclusion, fuck every bitch you can and want to, if it feels right give it a try, but if she cheated with you, even if she doesn't cheat on you, it will be very hard to trust her.
4/23/14 1:09 AM
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^This conclusion.