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10/4/04 7:52 PM
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I was just curious if you ever had the chance to meet Steve Irwin,since you love reptiles and I recently discovered that Steve trains in sub. grappling I was wondering if you paths ever crossed?
10/4/04 9:41 PM
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Funnily enough Steve Erwin is a fan of MMA. He came to my last fight (where I knocked our Roberto Traven). I wanted to meet him, but he left after my match (didn't hang around). I know his body guard (another MMA fighter) and arranged to go to his Zoo and meet him. The problem was I went on Fathers day and he left first thing that morning on a trip (probably to get away from the crowds). Got to see his Zoo (and even bought and Australia Zoo shirt) but didn't get a chance to meet him. It's still one of my goals. Elvis
10/5/04 12:49 AM
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Grats on KO'ing Traven!! Gotta get a pic when you meet him Elvis, that would be pretty damn cool.
10/5/04 9:57 AM
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Definitely. I really do want to meet Steve. I was really disappointed at not meeting. I was hoping he'd let me feed the crocs or something... :) Elvis
10/5/04 2:41 PM
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I read about his bodyguard, thats who he takes submission grappling from along with Terri, both his kids and many of his employee's.From what I read he is a natural grappler very strong and lots of energy.It would make since that he developed the functional strength needed for grappling from spending the majority of his life subduing crocs up to 1/2 a ton!If you do meet him you definetly got to post a pic. here!
10/5/04 9:12 PM
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If you end up rolling with him, you'll have to lock something in and while he struggles tell him he's "a naughty little fella...look at his markings, what a beauty"
10/5/04 11:22 PM
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LOL... now that would be funny...
10/6/04 4:06 PM
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LOL hilarious, maybe you should try and contact him about being on his show!
10/7/04 5:08 PM
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No doubt. Hopefully we'll get to se Leon on DiscoveryHD.
10/8/04 1:51 AM
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Hmmm... never thought about being on his show, that could rock. Talking to his body guard, he mentioned that Steve was even considering holding a MMA event at Australia Zoo. It has a huge Arena which could be perfect (and big screens already there). NOW that could would rock. (especially if you wanted to go Rorions original idea where it's a moat, not cage that surrounds the fighting area with crocs in it). Elvis
10/8/04 2:36 AM
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lol!! Now that would be funny
10/9/04 4:34 AM
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What do you mean funny, I was being serious?
10/16/04 12:23 AM
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Wow that would be amazing!Proceeds for ticket sales could go to help conservation projects!
10/16/04 1:23 AM
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I have no doubt Steve would do something like that. Wish I'd met him. Hopefully I still have a chance to... :) Elvis
11/2/04 2:00 AM
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11/21/04 1:07 PM
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11/23/04 8:15 PM
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Here are some pics of Steve in action:

Check out

12/14/04 4:48 AM
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12/30/04 12:15 AM
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I would hate Steve Irwin less if he got out of that outfit.
12/30/04 7:28 AM
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The outfit is the man... ;)
1/2/05 2:25 AM
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Oh my...
2/7/05 7:19 PM
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That is hilarious that he rolls in his zoo outfit!
2/11/05 8:04 AM
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One uniform - kaki - well when you're on a good thing...
2/17/05 6:07 PM
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Elvis, You know if you roll with him he's gonna push your head down and then hold your mouth shut. At that point you'll just relax and won't be able to do shit.
4/30/05 12:01 AM
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"Elvis, You know if you roll with him he's gonna push your head down and then hold your mouth shut" HAHA i imagined the same thing. Seeing pics of Elvis hog tied with his mouth duct-taped shut lol