PetGround Which lizard should i get??

4/23/05 12:57 PM
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I just got myself a nice 60 gallon tank, and i already have one fish tank set up, so this one is going to be used for a lizard I am a complete novice with lizards so i want something fairly easy to keep.... i've decided on either a bearded dragon or a fat tailed gecko.. are these good lizards for a beginner? I am leaning more towards a beardie as my sister has one and would be able to give me some tips Whats are are some opinions on thses two? or anything else
4/23/05 11:57 PM
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Don't know anything about lizards really but my college roomate had a tegue that was pretty cool. Maybe add that to your list of things to look into.
4/25/05 11:26 AM
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If you are happy with something that stays relatively small than I would chose the bearded dragon. Even if you get a German Giant they don't get that big (Maybe a foot long, not including the tail). They have great personalities and are relatively simple to take care of. If you want a larger lizard I would get either an Argentine Red or Argentine Black and White Tegu. Very smart, very good disposition. They don't get as large as most monitors. But you will need more than a 60 gallon to keep them happy as adults. Food is a consideration as well. It will cost more to feed a Tegu than to feed a Beardie. Some Gecko's look pretty cool, but they are just too small for my taste, I have also heard that some of them stress easily when handled. You could also check out some chameleons, or maybe a uromastyx.
4/25/05 11:43 PM
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Crested Geckos might also be a good option. No extra heat is needed and they are easy to feed since they are either entirely or mostly herbivorous ( i forget, haven't read up on them lately ) They also would fit nicely size-wise into what you have.
4/26/05 12:02 AM
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Uromastyx i have right now (1.0 Mali) and would recommend them highly EXCEPT... big except here.... They have very specific and hard to meet living requirements for most average beginners to lizards. They need a proper veggie diet (NO animal protein, the most they get is maybe a cricket every week to two weeks as a treat), they need a dry seed mix at all times, they do best with a soil substrate mixture that allows burrowing, they have very specific heat and/or UV needs as well. You'll need an enclosure with a hotspot near 150 degrees and a gradient down to maybe 80-90 on the cold side. Not good for aquarium setups IMO to properly care for. If you can and do wish to set them up properly you will have a very cool little lizard though.
5/5/05 12:16 AM
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the Uromastyx sounds a little too much for me for the time being, i think i'll go with something a little lower maintence Can anyone give me some beardie info, what you feed them, and temperatures and stuff thanks
5/5/05 1:44 AM
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Well a Uro is pretty low maintenance once it's set up. It's just getting it set up properly initially takes more effort.
5/18/05 1:01 AM
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I got myself a bearded dragon, she's a cute little one.... i am picking her up next tuesday becuase this weekend is a long weekend for me and i don't want to leave her all weekend I'll post some pics next week of my new pet
5/18/05 1:57 AM
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5/23/05 10:27 AM
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Sweet, can't wait to see the pics.


6/1/05 11:00 AM
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Bearded dragons are super popular, and actually pretty friendly and affectionate. I have seen some people kiss their bearded dragons and pet them and stuff. They dont run away and get all skiddish like some iguanas. They also look beautiful when full grown and their little horns or beards are out.
6/7/05 11:44 AM
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Finally got some pics of her check out the photo album
6/7/05 7:55 PM
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6/7/05 11:50 PM
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