Roy Harris Pressure Game-How does Moreira compare?

12/17/09 8:53 PM
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Roy, I always reading about your training experiences. You are known for your tight, pressure style of jiu jitsu. Is this a style you emulate from what you learned training with others? If so, whose style is most similar to yours and how does Moreira's pressure game compare to Rickson or Rigan who by all accounts, are know for their top control.
4/10/10 4:54 AM
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The pressure oriented game I've developed over the years was inspired by Professor Rickson Gracie. When I used to train with him back in 1991-1993, his game was so different than everyone else's.

Professor Moreira's game is more position oriented. He does apply pressure, but not the way I remember Professor Rickson applying it.

One of my brown belts got the chance to roll with Professor Moreira a while back. He comments on how he lasted an entire hour rolling with him - even though he tapped numerous times to arm locks and choke. He said he was tired after rolling with him, but he wasn't exhausted.

He also said, "When I roll with you, I am tired after ten minutes. The pressure you exert is tremendous, especially considering that you are not in shape and you don't seem to get tired applying all of that pressure."

So, my inspiration for the pressure game came from Professor Rickson.

Roy Harris

4/13/10 8:30 PM
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Fascinating. Hope to train with you someday
4/14/10 4:54 PM
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True words:-)
3/4/13 5:45 PM
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I will attest to Mr. Harris' statements as well. While Prof. Moreira does have a lot of pressure compared to other black belts I have rolled with, having Mr. Harris on top of you exerting pressure is like having a one-ton sandbag lying on top of you. The pressure is overwhelming and it doesn't matter how you try to move, it just stays on top of you!
4/17/13 11:50 PM
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What are the main points/tips on how this pressure is applied?
4/20/13 12:52 PM
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Check out Roy's app "BJJ Pressure Seminar" if you can. It has a lot of cool details about applying pressure.
4/26/13 4:53 AM
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Is it an app for Android?
4/29/13 3:23 PM
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No, the app is only for Apple products.