SoldierGround 2007 Combatives VIDEO and Brackets

10/19/07 6:10 PM
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Check out the following link for all the finals video's and brackets:


10/20/07 1:36 PM
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Thanks Jeff.
10/21/07 4:54 AM
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Do any of you guys know where can get my third place match? Yeah, yeah, I know it wasn't as important as the first place match, but I would really like to get the video from my fight. I won third place in the 185lb weight class. Well if any of you guys can help me with any footage, I would appreciate it. Thank you, Guillermo Villa
10/21/07 6:42 PM
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Chino Just email the webmaster of what u thing ? rafie
10/21/07 10:17 PM
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I have it on my video camera. I will be back at Bragg on Nov 3rd, and can forward it to you then. I am in DC teaching a Level II at Walter Reed.

Let me know.


10/23/07 4:36 PM
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Thanks a lot Jeff, I would appreciate it. I think you might still have my email from the last time you shot me an email with the combatives information. Hey Rafie, I emailed the editor and asked them about the footage, waiting on a reply. Thank you, Guillermo Villa
10/24/07 5:03 PM
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Jeff, Thanks for posting the link. Wish I could've been there but instead I'm living the life out here at the FOB. Congrats on your second place finish. How's them ribs doing?? Take care brotha. Jimm
10/24/07 6:35 PM
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I will be back to Bragg on the 3rd of November. I think I still have your e-mail. I will compress and e-mail you the fight.


Ribs are sore but good. You missed a good event. Next year.