SoldierGround About to deploy for the first time..

2/7/11 6:45 PM
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 Just wanted some input as to what I should bring outside of the typical packing list..

Anything you all would recomend? I'm going to Afghanistan. 14 months, in the Paktia province.... If that helps any.

Thanks in advance.
2/7/11 8:34 PM
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I sent a buddy of mine a pocket portable shower..... He said it was the best gift he got.
2/9/11 11:40 PM
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a benchmade
2/11/11 11:29 PM
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 I am pretty sure the area I am going to be in is considered "roughing it". Not entirely sure yet...

But I am going out tomorrow to get a new blade and a few other things...
2/14/11 10:25 PM
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Whats your MOS? Will make answering your question a bit easier
2/14/11 11:32 PM
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11B Phone Post
2/14/11 11:43 PM
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Lube, thumb drive full of porn, bore snake for cleaning rifle, as for everything else, just have it boxed up and ready to ship once you have boots on the ground. Phone Post
2/22/11 1:32 PM
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oumatt -  Lube, thumb drive full of porn, bore snake for cleaning rifle, as for everything else, just have it boxed up and ready to ship once you have boots on the ground. Phone Post

 Thank you sir.....
3/9/11 6:53 PM
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Make sure your IOTV is they way you want it. I had a waterbottle and case attached to mine instead of camelbak, ammo pouches that hold 3 mags (instead of 2), a pouch for junk (small screw driver for weapon jams (quicker than a kit), permanent marker, CLP (small bottle), chem light, knife, flashlight, D-ring, and a camera.

Be safe.
3/9/11 10:07 PM
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Getting my IOTV set up right now, I've set up a 7 mag pouch system (3 doubles and a single) 40mm pouches, 2 frag (maybe changing them to flash bangs) my speed knife (ranger series from OKC... Very nice!!!) irf for my 320, ifac,.,., yeah. Working on the external drive for porn. Need help on that one. Maybe the OG could help??? Oh yeah, I got the new 320mm grenade system. Fucking sweet!! Phone Post
3/10/11 5:07 PM
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I used the 2 triple pouch for the room. we just hung our flashbang on our gear. we were PSD and had to have readily aval. I bought the upgraded ifac (red strap on top) so I can fit more.
The hard drive was for movies too. I got like 2000 movies and tv shows. they are pretty cheap.

Had my 9mil too.

3/17/11 2:15 PM
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are you full time? Phone Post
Edited: 3/20/11 1:00 PM
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Someone mentioned a good knife, thats good. So you know everthing else. Therefore take this advise, don't stand near an officer in the field, don't expose yourself as the TC of a vehicle, and don't stand around like an idiot on a static point. Their snipers are secound best so they like the easy shot, and they are not choosey.
Oh when you get back, come to Ft Polk Id like to meet you.
4/18/11 8:03 PM
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 Old Red Belt, 

we will be at Ft. Polk at the end of May for JRTC training. If you'd like, as we get closer to that date, I can give you the info and we could meet!


Also, I am offically sick and tired of mob. training... Holy Shit....

Virux, I am Nat. Guard with the 45th out of Oklahoma. Depending on how the deployment shapes up, I may go full time after this.

4/19/11 4:23 PM
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You need to go full time. I was in the 45th for a year and said fuck this. I hated it. Ever since my first Iraq tour i've hated the ng. Phone Post
4/19/11 4:25 PM
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WTF! How can you say don't stand next to an officer and then say their snipers aren't choosey? This isn't nam. Phone Post
4/27/11 11:49 AM
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Virux, who were you with in the 45th? Im in 1/279. Is it just me or is it extremely slow with the folks here?? I'm not claiming to be some high speed douche but things are really slow here. Phone Post
4/27/11 9:01 PM
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Where are you going? I was with tge 1/180 out of Shawnee. It has since been disbanded. So I've been told. And yes. I have a deep hatred for the guard. They are slow. Sorry this post looks like crap. My phone broke and I'm trying to see what I'm typing. Phone Post
6/3/11 12:14 PM
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 So I am back from JRTC. I'll not say my thoughts on JRTC because I want people to experience it for themselves.

I leave for the box in roughly 12 days. Finally.. I thought this day would never come. It's been like watching paint dry while i've been here and holy shit!

virux, the 1/180 cav unit is still around,.,

I'll see you guys soon.. I have more questions but i'll ask later,. My buddies are bugging me....

6/3/11 12:48 PM
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It wasn't cav when I was there. I think they are in Ada now. Jrtc was a hell hole. When it wasn't hot it would rain. And the cycle went on the whole time. The only time I could get to sleep was at 4am. Reason being, the Mosquitos would attack you. If you covered up all the way you would get hot. If you didn't you woke up with bites all over you. Too bad wake up was 5am... Phone Post
6/7/11 6:13 PM
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 Well funny shit happened today. The 180 and 160 are being reassigned to Kuwait instead of Afghanistan. Apparently they were REALLY screwed up and could not be signed off as combat ready...

6/7/11 8:16 PM
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that's the national guard for ya. I always looked at it like this, if you do your job one weekend a month, why the hell would I want you watching my back? that's why I left bro. Phone Post
6/8/11 10:06 PM
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I'm looking to leave after this deployment. I can't stand it, I tried to get my 4186 in the day I reported to my retention NCO but he shot that one down very fast. Do you know if there is any way I could cherry pick my spot after this deployment? i'll have to complete jump school but I honestly do not see any issues (barring injury) from me completing it.

Oh yeah, I figure you guys might like knowing that I got the SDM slot for my squad. The EBR seems like an alright weapon, I haven't had ANY range time w it, but we'll see...

And Virux, I am fresh outta Benning (as of Dec. 10) and all I can think is how fucked up a lot of my leadership is... Without going into details, well.... You are from here so go wild with your imagination and you'll probably be right about how fubar things are.

Where are you at now?
6/9/11 3:05 PM
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I'm on recruiting in Claremore,Ok. I was voluntold three months from leaving Iraq. I'm pretty pissed. Oh well, I got 5 months left and I go back to the real Army. Phone Post
6/10/11 5:42 PM
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So you would be able to answer this question. When I do my 4186, would I go see a recruiter about getting into a particular duty station? How does that work?? Phone Post