SoldierGround Anybody left at the schoolhouse?

11/29/07 8:07 AM
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Are any of the old crew left at the schoolhouse at Benning? I've been out of the loop for a while and suffering at FT Lewis. I need to speak to someone about a rumored upcoming level 3 MTT and get up to speed on some issues. I see Big Daddy and Chris are still around. How's it hanging, suckas? Rafie is still posting as usual. What's up, Papi? Thanks Bros. Big Al
11/29/07 2:40 PM
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I think they are just super busy
11/30/07 10:01 AM
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Sifu The new NCOIC is Jimmy Parks. I think 1SG Fletcher is around there too. Stelly, Iako, Brewers, Ford, Rodgers. I do know about Camphouse he was in and out of my level 4. Hit in yahoo whit your cell phone Rafie
11/30/07 1:12 PM
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Jason: I figured as much. Rafie: will do I need to get my techniques straight so the level 3 cats don't look like shit on the inprocessing exam. What are the current standards? Does anyone have a checklist for the level 1 and 2 techniques? You know how the standards kept changing at one time. Turns out I've been tasked to AI that event. Does anyone know who's TDY as primary? Thanks in advance. Al
12/1/07 1:02 AM
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AL Check ur emai i will email the TSP for lewvel 1 and 2
12/1/07 11:10 AM
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TSP's, Risk Management Worksheets, etc. are also loaded onto the admin sction of the Combatives School Website.


12/1/07 11:35 AM
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I found all of the needed stuff on Warrior University as well...
12/2/07 10:02 AM
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12/2/07 10:03 AM
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Thank you, Gents. How's it hanging Chris? You were retiring last I saw you. How's the other side? Al
12/3/07 5:28 PM
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Hey Big Al, how is it going. Hey there is a CPT in 1/23 his name is CPT Hoyt, if ya see him kick him around for me and tell him thats for breaking my recliner here in Iraq.
12/3/07 7:43 PM
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sifuinkorea Nate and Chappelle (myself) are comming from Benning to do that MTT.
12/4/07 8:47 AM
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Big Daddy, how the fuck are you? Recliner? Iraq? You've had some tough times, huh? Nate's coming? Fuck, and I have no TDY money for liquor. Now I have to tap into the wife's allowance. Andy, I have yet to have the pleasure (I may know you by face) but I'm sure we'll have a blast. I'm scheduled to AI that class but my 1SG is whining about me not sucking in the field with everyone else during that time. So we will see where that goes. That's what I get for being stuck in a CAV squadron. (How does that happen, anyway?) My question is where do the standards come from for the entry technique test for level III? I want to make sure all these turds are trained properly and I know the slightest mistakes on level I and II techniques can fuck you on that qualifier. If you two need anything at all before, or while you're on the ground, don't hesitate to call me on my cell: 253-298-2960. Looking forward to Jan. Al