SoldierGround Anywhere to train around Ft Hood?

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Anyone in the Ft Hood area know of anywhere to train MMA? I am looking to pick it back up. Any info is greatly appreciated.
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I'm here at Ft.Hood but haven't done any serious training in 6 months. The group of guys at Grapplers Lair in Temple are a good bunch but its hard to drive that far every night. If you want to get together sometime to roll or train give me a heads up.
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you should try fighters forge in coperas cove
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Capt, There are a few places to train in the Killeen area. Everyone is probably on leave or laying low right now. All the schools in the area have something to add to training, just really depends on what you are looking for. Shoot me an e-mail at, I'll be back in town in a few days maybe we can get some guys together at teh post facility and roll and drill a bit.
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Capt, We here at Fighters Forge offer some excellent training and currently hold 4 mma titles and are fighting for another one on Jan. 25, in LA. We are open to everyone. Check us out at or call us at 254-518-4487. Welcome back, Jason Schaefer
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Akil here. Having trained at Grappler'S Lair before, I would have to strongly recommend you go there. Now, Pat Castillo is one of great Army friends, who trains at Fighters Forge speaks very highly of the "Forge". Check them both out and make your decision. There are tons of very good grapplers in hiding at Hood. Check out Red Team and Burba Gym (put some flyers out there if they will let you). I am sure you will find some quality training partners there as well. Killen also has a school ran by Jared and Grey who both use to train at Grappler's Lair. Check them all out. AA