SoldierGround Bragg Fighters in VA MMA Event

2/18/07 12:28 AM
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Tonight Combat MMA had 2 fighters in Casey Oxendine's MMA event in Bristol, VA. Joshua Winter (2-0) won via KO at :12 sec (RD 1) in the 170 weight class. Steven Manuel lost his MMA debut via TKO due to strikes. Congrats to both soldiers for the hard work training and for getting in the cage. -Jeff
2/18/07 10:13 AM
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Yurk, Congrats on the fights and fighters. When and where are you guys training at? My commander just got the go to form a team. It will be fully sponsered by the battalion for local tournaments and Army Combatives Championship. The downside is that I am only allowed five Soldiers on the team. I am still working this issue. The battery will be buying all protective equipment, nice. Let me know something. Akil
2/18/07 11:53 AM
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Akil, What's up man. We do most of our training at Team ROC at night and at Ritz-Epps gym during the day. Depends on what we have coming up for fights and BJJ events. E-mail me when you get a second. I think we are going to New Bern, NC for a BJJ event on the 10th of March. Jeff
2/20/07 1:41 PM
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2/21/07 7:33 PM
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Yurk, I will be emailing you soon. I have a team that will be entering in March.
2/21/07 8:48 PM
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Sounds good.
1/4/08 7:58 AM
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Yurk Always making things happen!! Rafie
1/4/08 12:01 PM
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1/4/08 9:10 PM
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No worries.