SoldierGround Check this out!

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Aco 2/135 keeping it real. ha ha. One of the first places Malmberg went when he came home on leave was to check out Greg Nelson's gym. He would have made it to the 06' and 07' all army but was in Iraq or just returning.
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Awesome stuff.
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Now THAT's the damn story they should have run in the Army Times, next to the All Army.
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ALCON Great story. I agree with you MR Chips. Matter of fact the army times just send me a email lol rafie
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Now it all makes sense...A former Bragg soldier!

Good Article. Why is it in Yahoo and not the Army Times?

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TTT for Chad! He was stationed w/ me in Iraq and we rolled every chance we had...when he wasn't out keeping the convoys safe! Great guy, great instructor.
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More props to combatives, link
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"Good Article. Why is it in Yahoo and not the Army Times?" Good question
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It ran in "Investor's Business Daily", which is a national publication. Matt
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Great articles. Hopefully more commanders will read them and understand the importance of combatives training. We are getting through to more of them over here in Korea but still not enough. There are still too many of them backing Tae kwon do over here.