SoldierGround Combatives instructor in the IZ?

11/15/07 8:27 AM
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I'm in the IZ for the next several months and was hoping to find an instructor that would be able to run a level 1 combatives course. My OP-TEMPO is currently affording me the time where I would be able to take a week to complete the course. I would also be able to go on a day by day basis, depending on the instructor's availability. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys. SGT Connolly
11/17/07 6:53 PM
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You put enough guys together and I will run a certification, my boss won't let me come there for one dude though.
11/18/07 6:21 PM
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Excuse my ignorance but is IZ the same as Green Zone in Baghdad?
11/18/07 9:01 PM
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Same thing
11/18/07 10:56 PM
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I will be there soon then.I have already been through level 1 but if you can do a level 2(if we get enough people) that would be awesome.
11/19/07 8:08 AM
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BDP, How many soldiers do you need in order to be able to run a course in the IZ? Thanks, SGT Connolly
11/19/07 5:31 PM
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Let me ask my boss tomorow and then I will let you know within a day or two.
11/20/07 9:04 AM
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Great, I appreciate it.
11/20/07 5:02 PM
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Well my boss seems like he would let me do it, we are at the end of our tour so now would be the best time. Email me for more info. It will be up to you to get a place to train and get the folks to the training. I might need a place to stay if I can't stay with some other friends. Email me any other questions you have.
11/25/07 10:40 PM
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SOO anyone else going to be in the area anytime soon.
11/30/07 12:57 PM
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I have done a level 1 and thinking of doing a level 2 at liberty. I am on MND-B SSG Hisler