SoldierGround Delta recruiting video

10/17/07 10:22 PM
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10/18/07 5:04 AM
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who is getting more house clearing trigger time in iraq? delta or everyone else? stephen
10/18/07 10:23 AM
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Probably everyone else. Your point?
10/22/07 5:01 PM
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They're the All Star Team of Special Operations and they've taken their share of casualties.
10/25/07 1:13 AM
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olfocker is correct.
10/27/07 4:01 AM
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every spec ops unit has gotten its ass handed to them at one point, they bleed just like all of us all bad ass, all tough and all deserve a good prayer for what they do and what they sacrifice god bless
10/29/07 3:26 PM
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nothing but respect for Delta and the sof team.
11/3/07 11:38 AM
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Please post the link to the video. thanks Major Bob
11/3/07 5:59 PM
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Click on "Menu" on the video and the link will show up.

11/4/07 1:11 PM
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JR, Good to hear from you. I'm a Maine State Trooper. Over the last year I went through the training and now I patol the Interstate and State roads in small towns around the capital. I love it. Where are you and what are you doing? Major Bob
11/9/07 8:47 PM
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JR, Good luck back in Korea, I'm sure training there's a lot better now that combatives has taken off. I can buy back 4 years but that's a long way off. I train a few times a month and when we train at work. I slowed down a bit because I can't be injured and work so I am choosy with who I roll with rather than go with every cockstrong new guy. My email is: Good luck and please keep in touch. Major Bob