SoldierGround Fort Gordon's Tournament

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ALCON I hosting a BDE Tournament this saturday for AIT students standards rules. Guys/Girls this is the beggining of what I think may be a true FT Gordon Program. I keep you guys posted. Hope one day I got the same support like FT Knox, Bragg, Campbell, Ryley, Bennning etc.... Im looking forward to see these ne soldier competing. I feel wierd after doing two tournament in Korea with Finals advanced rules is weird lol. Keep you guys posted.
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You actually got the higher ups on Gordon to play ball?  And the IET side no less.

I'm impressed.  For your next feat, will you make the sun rise a little later for me?

;) Congrats!

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Gryfen It was no easy at all but thanks LOL rafie PS The BDE CO never showed up
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hey rafie. sorry i didn't know you were having the tourney. i've been busy on leave. you guys still going at it at lunch?
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No problem
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Support does not magically show up. You have to create it. Even at a post like Bragg. Everyting we have done here has been created over the past few years.

I have had this conversation about 25 times over the past month since the All-Army event about our "support" here at Bragg. We do have a great deal of support now because of many of the things we have been able to do at the Post, Division, BCT, and even MWR levels. It did not happen over night, and it continues to be a fight everyday.

If you would like assistance making it happen, just say the word. You know how to get in touch.


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yurk, rafie; i may need your help soon standing up a program in kuwait. it seems that what "was" there is just that; in the past. i don't know how much support i will be able to get since i'm only level 2, but we'll see... rick
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Rick Anything yuo need let me know