SoldierGround Ft Bennings Coming to Ft Knox

10/24/07 12:20 PM
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ATTN: Ft Benning is coming to the Ft Knox open tournament. Lets see is if they can live up to the hype.

125 and Below- DOC Flynn

140 and Below- Nate Ford

155 and Below- Matt Oniel and Ian Peters

170 and Below- Andrew Chappelle and Aaron Cooper

185 and Below- Iako Kalili and Chris Camphouse

205 and Below- Travis Phenis

205 and up- Damien Stelly

Hopefully we'll be able to find more people to fill our team, but we is COMING!!

10/24/07 4:16 PM
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Iako That is all stars team, lol
10/24/07 5:01 PM
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Somebody better be taping this tournament. Good luck Knox!
10/26/07 2:57 PM
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holy crap!!!
10/26/07 8:16 PM
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Head Kicks fo EVERYONE!!!!
10/26/07 9:25 PM
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That is a tough team!
11/17/07 7:13 PM
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Man the 185 class looks like the weak link though. LOL
11/18/07 12:00 PM
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Fort Knox is quickly becomming a major hub of Army Combatives. Awesome work everyone. Jason, I'll be home in KY in less than 2 months. Are you in search of any to add to your staff?
11/18/07 5:38 PM
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Kevin, That is awesome! We have a good amount of guys now. Talk to me when you get back! BTW, I am sure someone will post resultes. But Ft. Benning placed first in the team and pretty much swept the tournament. However, a lot of guys from Knox came in second and the Illinois National guard represented well also. we had soldiers from Ft. Hood, Ft. Cambell, Utah National Guard, and more. Great turn out and as always, Duncan, Martinez, Rodgers, Ferk(?), Colk, Murphy, and the rest did an outstanding job on making this one of the best ran tournies anywhere! Jason Keaton
11/18/07 9:16 PM
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Cool will do.