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The first Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu El Paso Assoc., Jiu-Jitsu, and Submission Grappling tournament will be held at the Logan Height Gym in El Paso, Texas on 2/23/08. There will be gi, and nogi divisions. All will be divided by age, weight, and experience. Experience will be divided into under 1.5 years, and over 1.5 years. *If you have placed 1st in a tournament before, you are considered advanced. *If you have a Judo rank higher than green belt you are welcome to do the advanced gi div. *If you have more than 2 years wrestling, you can do the advanced nogi. *Gi will be split up by belt color. White belts , then blue-purple. If more than one Purple Belt or higher, of similer weight show up they will compete in a advanced bracket. Winner of the beginner absolute division, will qualify to compete in the advanced open division. ****Please visit for more information**** Entry is $40 for one division and $50 for multiple. Active military $30 for one or $40 for multiple. Soldiers may wear uniform for the gi div. Men, women and kids encouraged to compete, there will also be an executive division for us 30+ elite athletes!!!! Free to spectators! (donations are encouraged) Location: Logan Heights Physical Fitness Center located on Ellerthorpe Ave on Fort Bliss, Texas. From I-10, take US 54 North to the Ellerthorpe exit. Exit onto Gateway North and go to the Ellerthorpe traffic light. Turn left on Ellerthorpe and go back under US 54. Stay on Ellerthorpe, go by Chapin High School on your right, cross Dyer Street at traffic light and about ¼ mile up the hill is Logan Heights Physical Fitness Center. Point's: 2 points takedown into opponents guard 3 points takedown into side control 2 points sweep 2 points knee on belly 3 points guard pass 4 points top mount 4 pionts back mount Mens Divisions: 144 and below 145-159 160-173 174-187 187-199 200-219 220 and above Youth, and women's divisions will be paired up by closest weight, and experience level.
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Don't take this personal, but to be honest, I have a few issues with the whole idea of this.

I think it is great you are running a BJJ event, but you are running a BJJ event on a Army installation and still charging Soldiers money to compete!  I have no issue with civilian's running a BJJ academy off post, and charging whatever the market will pay. This goes for running an event off post as well. It is great for sustainment training and giving soldiers a place to train. But, to come onto an Army post and charge a solider to compete in an event is sad.

This would never happen here at Fort Bragg. We have allowed 2 BJJ and Judo events on post in the last year and a half, and we have never had a soldier charged a dollar to compete. Of course we also have Combatives events on post every 3 months giving the soldiers plenty of outlets for competition.

I am curious as to others feelings on the subject, i.e. Matt, Jason K., Dave D. etc. This is not just a Bliss issue, as I have had conversations with other posts about this recently over almost the same issue.



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I agree Jeff. Any event on post should be free to soldiers. It would be like changing them to play basketball or softball in tournaments held on post.
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It does raise questions.... Is MWR sponsering this? Installation Phys Fitness Department? AAFES? Some one has to be looking at this and approved it. I can't see any organization/department that is part of the installation charging soldiers to use facilities that are already paid for.
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If it is on post, then Soldiers should get fees waived. We have 2 events here plus the Army Championships that guys get to compete in for free. I think it is ok to have events and have guys pay but I do not know how well it is going to do on post. I imagine though that there are some MWR rules that allow people to lease installation facilities.
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Well, I had some time to think about this, as well as consult with someone I respect a very much, with a great deal of Army/MWR experience.

He brought up a great point, which I did not think of: It ends up being a matter of intent. What I mean is this...

Most "outside" events that take place on an Army Post that charge a small fee (For example, at Ft. Bragg we have a 3 on 3 B-Ball event that charges each soldier $10 to compete), must give a certain part of the money back to the program somehow. For instance, using the 3 on 3 example, the $10 goes toward shirts, drinks, medals, etc. To use a Ft. Bragg MWR and charge a fee, this is a requirement. Most events go into the red, and get additional money subsidized from sponsors or other avenues, but not from the soldiers.

And tht may be the case here as well. I just did not want this to turn into a situation where we were coming down on the Bliss event without all the facts.