SoldierGround Happy New Years

1/1/08 1:54 AM
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To all you guys here. I hop this year is agood one for all of you!
1/1/08 2:05 AM
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Happy New Year to everyone from Korea. I hope it is a good year, I'm retiring form the Army. Gotta figure out what I'm going to do.
1/1/08 10:17 AM
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Jason. Rich All Happy New years. Jason More than welcometo come here and do a seminar for us Rafie
1/1/08 3:32 PM
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Rafie, Let me know. I can't remember where you are at. Jason
1/2/08 7:03 AM
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Rich, contact me at Jason, call me 706-604-9610 Matt
1/3/08 4:45 AM
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Happy New Year and best wishes to all my MACP brethren!! Jason, you have no idea how much I miss the program at Knox! There isn't shit set up here at Baumholder. I'm doing my best to get something set up but finding the time is killing me. Hope all is going well with your school.
1/3/08 10:09 AM
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Jimm, going good. Just got a job with 16th Cav and my school was packed last night. I thoughtb there would be more there for you. Just keep at it and it will work out!
1/3/08 10:54 AM
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Jason I am in station in the mighty FT Gordon, GA. Located on Augusta, GA. I train with Gracie Barra Augusta. Here is the website. I will talk to my intructors about you coming. Shoot a email to PS