SoldierGround I'm in!

1/7/08 9:33 PM
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Finally, I am the 16th CAV Combatives intructor! Full time, no contracting BS, straight up GS position
1/8/08 1:41 AM
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That's awesome, Jason! Congrats! 16th CAV just got a huge resource.
1/11/08 3:31 AM
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Congrads Jason. That is the first step to some of the rest of us getting in to. Can you drop me a line at ? I have a few questions for you.
1/11/08 2:19 PM
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Cograts Jason. There are a very select few I would support having a position like that, and you are definetely one of them!

Congrats on the new position and it is good to see Knox making some very solid steps forward.



1/11/08 2:34 PM
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Jason Congrats in yuor new position my heart ! keep in touch rafie
1/11/08 5:10 PM
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LOL, I have no idea what that means, but if you guys are dating, I think that is great as well!

I love you both and I am very happy for you...

1/11/08 5:12 PM
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1/11/08 5:59 PM
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rafie, they got a spell check on here my friend
1/12/08 5:31 AM
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I liked it and I am going to burn it and send it back to you. Shoot me and e-mail with your address. I didn't mean to keep it. I haven't made it to the gym yet. I got sick the day I got home and am still fighting the cold. It about gone now. I'm thinking I should be back in the gym on Tuesday.
1/12/08 8:41 PM
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ALCON I love you guys but I just ppost here sometimes after I hard work here in YRADOC lol... I just practicing my spanglish if we ever go to Soth America ( This is for yo Matt) lol Rafie
1/15/08 7:18 PM
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Congrats man. That's an awesome gig.
1/22/08 8:41 AM
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Congrats Jason! I had a friend recently visit down there and he had a lot of great things to say about what is going on. -Dave
1/22/08 9:25 AM
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Dave, Good to hear. I am sending some guys your way