SoldierGround Level III or IV instructor MTT

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Matt, all: I am looking for a Level III or IV MTT or instructor to come teach at the Army National Guard Readiness Center, Arlington, VA sometime this spring. Our intent would be to teach a Level I followed by a Level II course. They could be back to back, or broken up over a couple of months if necessary. We would like to complete a number of Instructors through the Level II so we can get a couple of decent guys down to the Level III course at some point. I am currently here at the ARNGRC as a Level II guy right now (Matt, need to send in my paper work!) We could also piggy back with other agencies in the area (Fort Myer/Belvoir..what not) if we need to get a certain number of students. I hate to bring in guys to train and then not give maximum opportunity for guys to attend! Contact me at
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MAJ Leavitt, you have mail.
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Rich I send him a email too. I think we may need to roll for this one, LOL. Rafie
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Having trouble gettting into my AKO right now. Will respond back to you guys Monday. You mean I might get to meet with the Infamous Rafie after all these years! That would be awesome! On another note, I am teaching a basic Combatives POI this weekend to a NG Infantry Company. out of 25 guys, 7 of them, by chance are already level I certified and are fairly proficent at doing the drills etc. This is the first time in the last couple of years in teaching that this has happened to me! It is encouraging as it may mean we are finally getting the penetration and depth that we need to sustain the program. These guys are soldiers that have completed BOLC, OSUT, or some other TASS school for the most part. Unfortunately, of all 25 soldiers, the highest rank I have in the class is E-5/ and LTs. I understand that us senior leaders have to do Sr Leader stuff...but damn it, I seem to find the time some how! Anyway, it still is encouraging!
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MAJ Leavitt, I am a retiring SFC and have been in the program for about 4 years now. I know what you mean about most of the senior leadership in the Army today. But as JR said, the junior leaders of today will be the senior leaders of tomorrow. I think combatives is growing well so far but has a ways to go to get to where it needs to be. I am not sure what my schedule will be like once I get back to VA but I would like to work with you some. I'll be back there in 2 days.
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MAJ Leavitt, how did your training go this weekend? I just went to Fort Eustis and helped teach some IET kids today. It was great to get back into the saddle. If you end up teaching anything else and need some help, let me know.
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Thanks for asking, training went well. I would have liked to have had a little bit more time. I am teaching a 4 day POI over two drill weekends. Not that they will learn much in the way of technique, but hopefully they walk out with a couple of things. 1. Always move forward into a fight. (close distance) 2. Achieve Dominance 3. Finish the fight with whatever you have at your disposal. 4. Establish an awareness of "fighting paradigms" that is what good alive training can and does look like. 5. What good training is, and what poor training is. 6. The difference between sport fighting context, and training for combat. 7. More confidence, and that the close fight slows down with the more skill you gain. 8. That this stuff is alot of fun....can and should be integrated into their daily training schedule. 9. It improves warrior skills, fitness, and ethos 10. It builds cohesive and strong team skills. I am finding that you can't really teach the whole Level I POI over two, two day drill weekends with about 30 hours of contact time. It takes a few more hours than this. Also the fact that there is one month between the first two days and the second two days, means that they cannot retain the drills. That said, it is still worthwile if you can drive home the above 10 things.