SoldierGround MACP and USA Wrestling!

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USA wrestling has just agreed to sanction our MACP standard rules events. They have also asked our help to run events for the civilian population. We will provide the referees for tournaments that run in conjunction with thier Freesyle and Greco events. That meens two things for us. First, we need to start planning and coordinating events at each of our instilations to be held in the spring and summer. This is only for events that stay at the standard rules level so we do not want it to conflict with chamionships that go to advanced rules. Second, we need to coordinate with USA wrestling, state orginizations, where and when we have the ability to provide referees. This is big news and it is our answer to the MWR issue. Post and unit chamionships that progress to the intermidiate and advanced rules will still be considered unit training events. Post level tournaments that stay with the standard rules will not. More on this....
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MATT I m ready !!! I am with you All the Way!!!
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Whoa! That is HUUUUUGGGGGGEE!!!!!
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This is awesome! Let us know how we can help Matt.
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BJ Wazupppppp!! Do not forget about out tournament tomorrow saturday
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This is how we take over the world.....
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Awesome, does this mean we will have a section in the USA Wrestling Magazine.
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Also, does this mean my boy will now be able to compete???
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To be honest, I am not following. What exactly does this mean and how is this an answer to the MWR issue?



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Yurk USA Wrestling = insurance for competitors plus much more. There are wrestling tournaments all over the states, and they are able to happen because of USA Wrestling. I am sure Matt will tell me I oversimplified that, but hey until I get back to the states I am a combatives lackey, when I get back I can move back up to minion status.
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I'll be back in the States in January and retired so But I still intend to help as much as I can. I'll be in VA in the Williamsburg/Fort Eustis area. Rich
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I guess I don't understand what this means, either. Just another set of rules by a sanctioning body that we have to adhere to? Another step closer to combatives being a sport rather than battlefield training? And now we're supposed to provide refs to USA wrestling? Which means, what, training time taken up by learning wrestling rules and taking some sort of cert exam? Why would MACP have any interest whatsoever in running events for civilians? And insurance? Don't we have aid stations and Army hospitals? Not to be Johnny Pessimistic here, but I guess I don't understand the value or the point of working with/through USA Wrestling.
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The current status of Combatives competitions in reference to MWR is that combatives is to be considered training. The only support MWR is willing or allowed to give to training is use of the facilities. Sanctioning by USA wrestling meens it can be treated like other sports. Providing referees for USA wrestling events meens that their will be combatives competition at USA wrestling tournaments. This will totaly put an end to the way jiu-jitsu and submission wrestling tournaments currently operate. If we do it corectly, you can say good by to $60-$100 dollar entry fees and the old boy referee system, not to mention NAGA and Grapplers Quest and every other organization who's whole purpose to hold tournaments is to milk money out of the competitors. It also meens that our rules could become the norm for all grappling competitions. Matt
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I am with you on a couple points, but still not getting the main point.

Like you said, on many Army posts, MWR can only provide the facility to hold a Combatives competition. The Unit signs off on the risk assessment, provides medical response, and the local Level III/IV acts as the Event Coordinator, with other Instructors from around post acting as refs. Especially at the standard rules level, this is fairly straight forward. Bragg puts on an event every 3 months.

What exactly does sanctioning by USA Wrestling provide to that Tourney Coordinator? The only real hurdles to putting on the event as I see it are the following. I am not sure which USA Wrestling would assist with our programs:

1) Risk Assessment - It took time to get Division to understand what the Combatives competitions meant, including risk. In the end, getting someone to understand the support and still sign off on it was key to getting unit support. I would not want anyone else besides the unit to accept the risk, as it takes away from the ownership.

2) Medical Support - We have plenty of medics on every Army post in the world. Giving experience at the standard rules level equals experienced medics for Level I and II courses, and for Inter. and advanced rules competitons down the road. I know I use those experienced medics who understand the competitions.

3) Refs - I want to get all my Level III (and even Level II's) as much experience reffing as I can in the post events. I do not need any additional refs.

4) Awards - I am all for someone providing awards, t-shirts, etc. to the winners of these events. This is my biggest pain! Each event trying to get awards, unit trophy's, t-shirts for competitors, etc.

5) Facility - As stated above, we should not have any issues with this.

As for some of the other points, who cares if non-Army people are using our rules or not paying $100 to compete? Maybe for recruiting purposes I could see wanting to get our rules system out there, but besides that I see no advantage for the Army or the soldiers.

As far as providing refs to these events, I suppose that could give the soldiers additional experience with reffin, which would be valuable. Problem is going to be travel. For starters most of the soldiers are not going to want to pay out of the pocket to go help someone else with an event, and in most cases will find it difficult to even get the approval to do so.