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ALCON One of my AIT soldiers is from OK. Do anyboy here knows any MACP there? Rafie
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Hey rafie, First I will be back at Sill in January, but they are going strong now. But OK Nat Guard in Lawton is active in MACP, they have a CSM that went thru level one about two years ago. He is tuff as hell. You can have him contact me in later January if you want.
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Big Daddy send me a email to or rafie.gonzalez@ako.. trying to help macp to grow. thanks brother rafie former LBG Korea
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rafie there is a lot of mma in oklahoma. it all depends on where he's at. there are a few schools in each of the larger cities (okc, tulsa, lawton, norman, etc.) we had one kid in 447 that was fighting kotc out of tulsa too. wehre it he from?