SoldierGround Post your funniest/coolest combatives story

6/28/10 11:30 AM
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12/19/10 9:07 AM
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While in basic just a few months ago I told my D.S. I had experience in bjj and know a little bit. While doing our active roll session he jumped on my back to try and tap me, to which I tapped him nine times unanswered. Heh heh. Oh yeah I was put on CQ and staff duty after that :-( Phone Post
12/26/10 12:42 PM
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 Not cool or funny but my first day of combatives in basic was 9-11-01.  This kid named Robbie Tyus had my back and was applying a RNC as my DS stood over us watching.  I remember another company's DS come running over and tells him 'they just flew a plane into the world trade center".  I was like wtf?  Next thing i know Tyus is standing over me and we are forming up.  True story.
12/28/10 7:05 AM
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The whole day was surreal.  We marched back to the company right after this and the platoon got stuffed into a room where we watched cnn and the second tower go down.  Some retard, I dont have a clue what his name was but i remember he was going to be a rigger, actually whispered 'cool' to himself and was slapped upside the head by a DS.  Another kid in my platoon had an older brother who was FDNY.  He got word that he was killed at the WTC, broke down crying and swung on a couple of people who tried to help him up before he was restrained.  A few days later he got word his brother was picked out of the rubble alive.  Everyone either super geeked or super scared about going to war.

Anyways, was the only thing I thought of when i read the thread title.


12/29/10 10:57 AM
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 I think it is a good story anout 9/11

I had a guy hurt himself gettting up in base.  He was 60 years old and going too hard during the warm up

I'll have to think of one. but I have about 50

Here is one though.  We were doing scenario training at the NCO academy's shoot house.  It was indoor and had some flimsy ass doors.  We had placed all our bad guys in this room( 3 in High Gear suits)

We had briefed not to kick the doors.  But this one guy wanted to be cool.  So he kicks the door of our room. Lo and behold, his foot goes through the door. His team cannot go in. Our bad guys open the door and pull him in and shut the door on his team
12/30/10 10:17 AM
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LakerGirl, I had a similar type of experience sans smoke session. During the company wide tourney, one of the other plt's DS said that his "collegiate champion wrestler" was going to kick my ass and make me look bad. I said, okay if it happens, it happens... But if it doesn't he has to hold my pocket everywhere I got for a whole week. He was my bitch for the week. :-) Phone Post
12/31/10 10:44 AM
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I wouldn't be alive if I had my DS hold my pocket.

That would have been funny now come to think of it.
1/6/11 7:33 AM
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9/5/11 7:36 AM
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Not funny, but before deployment I got tapped by one of my freinds in less than a minute. Later that day, I secretly had my mom order me some combative dvds. I felt like a scrub
9/8/11 1:18 AM
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In basic I was the most out of shape guy there by far when I first got there, but I knew jits and I knew they had a day of rolling that I looked forward to big time.

I would utilize patience and tech to beat the meat heads that thought they would win on brute strength alone. While I was rolling with the largest guy in the company all the drills had heard about me training by then and were surrounding us while we rolled rooting him on. After about a 8 minute roll the guy gassed and I took his back and choked him to near black out. All of the drills were shocked.

I was a cocky shit in basic and I didn't let this moment pass without being so again. As I got up I said that's what real jiu jitsu is. Boy the smoke session sucked, but it was worth it to me at the time. I have changed so much since then thank god, but it sure did make for a fun basic.

I even challenged one of my drills to roll because he thought he was a badass since he completed level 2. Again the smoke session was worth it to challenge him in front of the whole platoon and him not accept.

Now that I'm really thinking back to basic I can't believe I Made it through without getting a real beating. I was able to do 80-100 pushups and 70-90 situps on the final pt test thanks to all the smoke sessions though. Haha! Good times! Phone Post
9/24/11 8:21 AM
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Little douchebage from Ft. Lewis tried to bullshit and tell us (guys from Hawaii) that he placed 7th at the All-Army tourny (2008 Ft. Benning) while we were drinking at Buffalo wild wings after the finals. I had to call him on it and mention that there was only 1st & 3rd place matches. Then he said "Oh, but I would have gotten 7th place if they had it."

Why do some soldiers try to bullshit and one up eachother like it really matters?
9/24/13 5:20 AM
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I did my fair share of grappling in my mma gym and did a few tournaments. I worked my way up to brown belt in kenpo shoot fighting in my gym and actually became the assistant grappling instructor. So, needless to say I knew a thing or two, but wasnt very cocky about it, I always try to remain humble.

During reception, it took no time for the rolling in the bay to begin but I just over looked it and really just laughed at the sloppy techniques. Then once we hit Real Basic I was put into a bay with a kid from hawaii who supposedly was "the best" grappler. He was a good grappler and built up a reputation for himself.  And was even sneaking into the other bays at night and challenging people to prove himself. 

At this point I was more worried about getting in trouble than showing this guy up. But one day I had enough and couldnt take it anymore. My breaking point was when someone asked him how to do an Anaconda choke. I couldnt believe my eyes when he was demonstrating it backwards. I stepped up and showed the guy how your suppose to do it. I guess this set off the Hawaiian kid and he challenged me. So, we rolled for a bit in the bay drawing the attention of the entire bay cheering us on. With the kid in my guard I set him up with a kimura baiting him into a triangle choke just so he would try to stack so I could turn it into a belly down armbar (my favorite lockflow) for the tap.

The kid stopped talking shit and I gained the respect of everyone in my bay. It turned into an every night thing that someone would come to my bunk wanting me to show them moves or challenge me. I finally let loose and rolled with about everyone in the company and was never tapped.....was a good experience. 

9/24/13 7:42 AM
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Well, I am in the Air Force, and back in 2004 I was invited by a friend of mine who was a DS at Ft Sill to come down for a combatives session. I was a Blue Belt at the time. All of the instructors except for the one who invited me down rolled with me and I tapped all of them easily. So, my DS friend challenged me and I tapped him four times in about 2 minutes. We went to lunch, came back, and then he challenged me again. Same result. It was fun though because everyone was cool and it was all in good training!

I am a Level II instructor btw