SoldierGround Stuff I should buy for deployment?

10/5/07 11:29 AM
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I just PCSd to Stewart last week and we're leaving in less than 3 weeks. It will be my first deployment. What should I bring to make my stay more comfortable? I'll buy an IPOD I guess, DVDs, laptop....what else?
10/5/07 3:41 PM
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10/8/07 9:32 PM
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baby wipes
10/11/07 8:52 AM
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make you sure you have a good multi-tool, sharp knife, stuff like that.. really comes in handy
10/11/07 10:00 AM
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If you are going to one of the bigger FOBs, conditions are not that austere. You'll be able to get pretty much anything either at the PX (baby wipes, toothpaste, etc.) or thru the mail. Also, our S-4 hooked us up w/ a ton of stuff - knives, multi-tools, ta-50, gadgets, etc. Good luck and stay safe!
10/11/07 12:40 PM
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Combat MMA is right on target, everything else you can probably get over here.