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12/6/07 3:28 AM
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Is there anyone training BJJ or MAC in Salerno, and does anyone know if they have mats in the gym there or do I need to buy some?
12/6/07 8:38 AM
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I left 8 mats in Salerno in 2006. I also left a few ses of gloves, Thai pads, large kick pads, etc. with MWR.


12/6/07 4:09 PM
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Sweet!! I hop they still have the stuff. how big was the mat space and do you know how to get in contact with the MWR there? If they still have the mats I could start some BJJ classes
12/6/07 5:43 PM
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They were 5x10 folding mats. I had 8 of them that were left there. As an edit to my 1st post, it was the KBR that took care of the gym stuff that I left them with rather than MWR.

I have not clue how to get a hold of them. They are not BJJ mats, they are COMBATIVES mats...

12/7/07 3:34 AM
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Way to go Yurk. I was hoping that you would correct him on that. A lot of people get that idea though. But at least BJJ is closer than what they are trying to get everyone over here in Korea to do. The command is still pushing tae kwon do for pt at least twice a week. 2ID spend more than half a million dollars a year on the tae kwon do program and we have to beg for money to get equipment to do combatives.
12/7/07 11:54 AM
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"BOW TO YOUR SENSEI!" - Master Kim
12/7/07 5:53 PM
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"Sweep the leg"-John Creese
12/7/07 9:48 PM
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I get that it's COMBATIVES but there are still guys in the military that do BJJ and other martial arts that can use the mats. I just don't want to be deployed for a year and lose my game
12/8/07 12:02 PM
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There are mats on the "Big Army" side of Salerno> The location is "The Dojo" if memory serves me correctly. If you are on the other side of Salerno, just go into H1, there you will find a full size wrestling mats, kettlebells, medicine balls, etc and an weight set and a weight station> If you are "big army", you wont be allowed access to the other side unless you live on that side with "them".
12/14/07 4:10 PM
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lol ok, thanks for the info bro. How long ago was this? and ya I'm army but I think we are replacing an airforce unit, so...
12/15/07 7:09 PM
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7 months ago..and they are still there. AA
12/16/07 1:04 PM
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Sweet thanks for the info, I can tell I am going to like this place. So are there many guys that train often?