SoldierGround Training in the Ft. Lewis Area

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Hey. I'm looking for a good school that trains in MMA in the Ft. Lewis area or even just a place that trains in kickboxing. I'm trying to get an idea of what's out there before I arrive in December. Thanks. James
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There are alot of guys to train with up there that is where i started trianing 7 years ago. The Best MMA Gym is north about 40 minutes from the post. Eric Dahlberg's ringdemon jiujitsu. He is a Black Belt in BJJ and competed in Abu Dahbi this past year. He has excellent standup(boxing and Muay Thai) and wrestling is great. Robert Owens is south of the post in Olympia. He is a good friend of Eric and much closer to the post. Eric Dahlberg's web page is . If i could train with anyone up there i would train with him. Keith Bach
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Check out Lendermans Martial Arts Acadamy....just up the street from Ft. Lewis...a few soldiers train thre. They just became an american top team affiliate. Im thinking of starting there myself.
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Lenderman is a commercial school who promotes on the basis of how many times you show up versus the ability of the student. If you want that then go there. If you want better yourself as a fighter with guys who are going to ensure you know how to fight then go with the Eric or Robert as said earlier. Yes ATT is a great team. And i am friends with many of the guys who train there. But your best route is to train with guys who haven't bought into the name to get students and that is what Lendermans have done. Nothing against him and his school but i care more about the soldiers life whose is going overseas than the money in my pocket Peace