SoldierGround Updated Info on MACP Seminar/ OHIO

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WHAT:     Combative Seminar by Jason Keaton (BJJ Black Belt & Level 4 MACP Instructor)
TOPICS:   Basic components of the Modern Army Combative Program (MACP) & some of the following:
2 on 1 grappling
2 on 1 grappling (weapons security)
Weapon retention drills standing and on the ground
Enemy POW (compliant vs. Non compliant)
Spartan Grappling drill
WHO:       Anyone that wants to learn more about military & reality-based defensive tactics or combative
WHEN:           Saturday, January 19th
                        9:00am to 1:00pm
WHERE:         IMB-Columbus
                        3681 Garden Ct.
Grove City, OH43123
Phone: 614-277-0841
COST:             $55 (was $75)
                        **Cash Only**
CONTACT:    Dustin Ware
                        614-288-0398 (cell)
Feel free to post this information at your gym, school, unit or department!
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From your 1st post. "Due to the "combative content" of this seminar, only members of the military, law enforcement, and corrections are allowed to attend" Are you saying that the updated seminar won't have the secret ninja moves from the government? stephen
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That is exactly what I am saying
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will i learn waterboarding? stephen
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Not only that, but also the secrets of speedstacking and how it can help gi chokes
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You can't give away the speedstack secrets on the first seminar, Jason.
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It;s only level one