SoldierGround Vid of failure in Iraq :)

11/2/07 1:37 AM
Posts: 16197 My stomach is aching from laughter. stephen
11/2/07 7:17 PM
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You should see them play Volleyball!
11/4/07 5:21 PM
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you just witnessed a little glimpse into the last year of my life. try trusting your life to that.
11/5/07 7:09 PM
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OMG, I see 5- 10y.o kids do better at calisthenics in judo class then that. Hell even AF recruits can do better ;) Judging by their PT antics,I can only imagine what a horror running a range with those guys would be like. Stay safe!
11/6/07 8:44 AM
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i can just imagine the al qaeda meeting that morning. "ok guys. go to pt and really fuck it up. we'll post it on youtube soon after. llala lakbar" stephen
11/6/07 9:42 AM
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That's Yurk's last Level I...
11/6/07 5:12 PM
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The range..............well this is actually the truth, I put a blindfold on a Iraqi soldier and he shot better with it on. But hey we all know "that one guy"
11/7/07 11:48 PM
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