SoldierGround WOW Kennedy vs Mayhem!

11/21/07 4:27 PM
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Just read that Tim Kennedy is fighting Mayhem on the next HD fights card on the 15th.This is for sure the highest profile fight for an army fighter.
11/21/07 4:29 PM
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I know it is a rematch from a while ago but it is much more high profile this time.
11/21/07 8:17 PM
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sorry for mayhem, not a good fight for him..
11/21/07 9:55 PM
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I have to pick Mayhem in this one but it wont be easy.
11/22/07 1:15 AM
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I respectfully disagree, but it will be a great fight!!!!!
11/22/07 9:14 AM
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Hey Guys, I am a veteran coaching a veteran (Patrick Castillo) on this card. Please come out and support these two outstanding army fighters. We are both here at Hood. Thanks, Jason Schaefer
11/22/07 4:05 PM
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good luck guys! where'd you serve at?
11/25/07 1:44 PM
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Ghille, I served in the 3rd Signal BDE, 313th sig company, and Patrick served in the 1st Cav division, I do not remember his exact unit designation, both from Fort Hood. Jason Schaefer
11/25/07 6:03 PM
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good luck to you fellas, we releived 2-5 in sadr. kick some ass!
11/28/07 5:36 PM
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schaefer, i was in 313th for about 4 years (97-01). we were probably there together. gryfen was also there, we were both in tacsat. where are you now?
11/29/07 2:41 PM
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Kennedy beat the hell out of Mayhem before. I think this is a good fight for Tim
11/29/07 5:23 PM
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Much different fighters now.
11/29/07 7:49 PM
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Obviously I am a bit biased, but in my most un-biased attempt...

I have rolled with both and seen both fight.

This will not be a close fight in my opinion. Instead, this will be an introduction for many fans to Tim Kennedy. There is no way Tim gets submitted, his ground fighting/takedowns/ositional control are ar too much for Miller. There is no way Miller stands with Tim, he will get KO'ed. Tim is too fast and too strong.


12/1/07 8:48 PM
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Well it will certainly be a huge showcase for army fighters if he wins.
12/1/07 11:55 PM
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While I agree fighting Mayhem Miller is a great venue, and HDNet has the potential backing to become a even larger venue down the road, I don't know if I would call it a "Huge Showcase". Not too take anything at all away from Tim's fight, as I think he is going to do awesome and will deserve to be considered one of the elite 185ers out there after this fight. I think the exposure Tim gets from the IFL is far greater than HDNet fights as tey exist today.

Still, we have some great fighters in the Army from a lot of differnt posts. Just from Bragg alone we have had soldiers total over 25 Pro fights in the last 15 months, including fights over K1 vets, UFC vets, etc.

What I mean, is while this is a great fight, venues like this are starting to become the norm, rather than the exception.


12/3/07 6:27 PM
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I am aware that this is becoming more common place but this is the biggest name that I am aware of.Kennedy did well in the IFL but hasn't fought as high profile a fighter as Mayhem (excluding the first time) IMO.
12/30/07 4:51 AM
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Great showing by Kennedy!