SoldierGround Who else didn't make E-8

11/17/07 7:07 PM
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Well looks like I will get to go back to the states and teach combatives. If the Army had selected me for E-8 I would have had to be a grumpy ass first sergeant. Somewhere out there some Artillery Battery should breathe a sigh of relief, cuz if I had got to be their first sergeant, well there would be a lot more combatives going on.
11/19/07 2:28 AM
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I'm right there with you Brother, it's like Easter around here, celebrating pass over. Waiting to see if they are going to start hiring us old Level IVs into GS positions.
11/19/07 7:37 AM
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BDP... My Jaw dropped when I "Didn't see any names" on some "grocery" list. What was worse is seeing the ones I did... Wild Man DM was there... All I can do is laugh...
11/19/07 5:33 PM
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Yea the Army Drill Sergeant of the Year, passed over for the second time........ouch. But hey I am down with the GS posistion. HAPPY PASSOVER.
11/19/07 7:06 PM
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DM = D Money
11/20/07 5:03 PM
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Yea I know I saw his name on the list. But I also talked to Maynard, some things make ya say WTF?
11/21/07 11:07 AM
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Are you telling me the Army Drill of the year didn't make the list?
11/21/07 4:00 PM
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Yep the Army Drill Sergeant of the Year got passed over for the 2nd time. He is about the most squared away soldier I have known. His records read...Jumpmaster, Howitzer Chief in Bosnia, Army Drill Sergeant of the Year, Platoon Sergeant in the 101st, PT score always above a 350 everytime I have seen him take it. He has a bunch more in his records too, and it is an injustice he didn't get selected. As a Drill Sergeant he worked harder than anyone I knew. I know I didn't get selected but I spent a year as the Combatives Instructor for Ft Sill so unfortunately I think that means I don't get promoted. But this guy is the most profesional squared away guy I know.
11/21/07 5:33 PM
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Everytime the list the comes out, alot of people are pissed because they didnt make it and someone (in thier opinion) made it who isnt so scared away. I don't get looked at for "8" til next year so I am not complaining now or will I ever. We all know that some slip thru the cracks. That is why it is imperative that we stop writing inflated NCOERS and start giving people what they deserved, good or bad. The ones that get selected that are undeserving is due to us as leaders not having a system of check and balances in place that prevents this nonsense. I refused to inflate an NCOER or have mine inflated. NCOERS aren't difficult to write when the counseling is done as directed. That counseling when done corrected should correct shortcomings to bring that substandard NCO to a "Success". Now when an NCO just refuse to do right, give him or her what they deserve, a freakin NEEDS IMPROVEMENT (Some or Much). Additionally, when we know of someone looking out for thier "boy" because he belongs to certain groups, we need to say something. Some will say it is not our business, but it is. That is why "The List" is always jacked up. I hope all that got picked up, are deserving. If a underserving got picked up, I will still support him if he becomes my 1SG. I am at Bragg and my 1SG (SFC Craven) didn't get picked up and this guy is squared TF away. He is also a former DS, airborne and air assualt qualified, etc. Now, others here got picked up that arent as good as he is, but who knows what the records look like. Let's keep training the troops and do what is right and just and hopefully the cards fall as they should. Peace. Excuse any errors. Peace. If all else fails, choke a bastard out! SFC A.Aabid
11/21/07 8:59 PM
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Craven is still in Bragg? Tell him Doza said "WuZzUuUuppPPpp"....
11/21/07 11:57 PM
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Your a FISTER BDP!!!!! Thats all.
11/22/07 4:06 AM
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Yea I have reached the glass ceiling of fisters. Thats ok, and gryphon if their were any typos its ok, because I be a product of the Oklahoma education system which means...........wrestling is a way of life not a sport.
11/22/07 7:47 AM
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Roger that Doza, I will let him know. BDP, come to Bragg, it is the place to be. Correa, Bellou(ms?), Price, Corely, all are here (all made the list) least it appears that way. I know there is a slot for a Fister at either BDE or 26 TAB (recently became an addition to 3/27th). Peace. AA
12/3/07 10:20 AM
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Perk, Have faith, I've had 13F 1SGs in the past ........ so some do make it. How are things in the wonderful world of MiTT? Be Safe Ted