SoldierGround one question about national guard

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I had a question i am former marine thinking about joining CA. national guard i am a grunt but i am not sure if it is worth it what exactly will we be doing for drill does anyone know here. i kinda wanna join it to hopefully so i can get some more people to roll with well if anyone can answer id appreciate it thanks
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What u do for drill all depends on what type of unit you're w/ and where they are in their training/deployment cycle. The best thing to do is figure out what you would like to do for drill (w/i reason) and see if there is a unit that matches your "op tempo". Or, see what units are in your area and speak w/ their full timers to see what the training schedule looks like. Hope this helps.
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Lots of good units in California. Big Infantry state as well. recommend you go see on of the recruiters and go to a drill to observe what they are doing and talk to some soldiers about the same rank as you would hold. I would not join to roll though.