2/12/11 9:30 PM
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that means "Gear Acquisition Syndrome" for those that don't know-

and I SERIOUSLY have it for this!

this is how it sounds with dirt...it's more impressive clean

2/22/11 8:24 PM
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3/2/11 11:13 AM
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 Sounds great.
3/2/11 10:06 PM
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ended up finding one and it's spectacular...sadly, I'll probably sell it on because can't find a practical use for it right now...but wow, what a reverb-

Racer, forgot to mention about the action...not digging super low like I used to...please raise to minimal string buzz...working on unloading a similar git and I like it's action, roughly 2mm both Es....or just call and we can talk- haha
3/2/11 11:19 PM
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 It's all packed and ready to ship. I think you'll like the action fine, but if you raise it a tad with the bridge posts you won't hurt a thing.
On it's way tomorrow. It would have been on it's way last week, but the flu damn near crushed me.

How much is one of those reverb pedals?
3/4/11 10:54 PM
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 Guitar should be there Wednesday. I'll send you tracking info.
3/6/11 3:41 PM
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very cool Racer, thanks- the reverb runs 200 from the builder
3/22/12 1:02 AM
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I like it!
3/28/12 2:17 PM
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 Pretty nice reverb.
On an unrelated note, I just picked up a Tom Scholz power soak

3/28/12 2:18 PM
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Sorry, I couldn't find a bigger picture
3/28/12 10:42 PM
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I`1m gassing for a Martin HPL 000cxe and am about to pull the trigger on one. I have lot`s of hot, sweaty outdoor gigs booked and my D-18 is taking a beating.. I`ve played a couple and liked them lot`s more than I thought I would..
3/28/12 10:43 PM
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3/29/12 3:14 PM
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That's a really reasonably priced Martin!
I wonder how long it will last made of pressed woods?
3/29/12 3:16 PM
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 I played through one of these a few days ago with my 5120 with freshly installed Lollar P90's, the best clean tone I've ever had. 

4/2/12 12:07 AM
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DasBeaver - That's a really reasonably priced Martin!
I wonder how long it will last made of pressed woods?

Hell I honestly have no idea. The couple I`ve played sounded great amplified and will pay for itself after a couple/few gigs. My D-18 has taken a beating just after 3 years of gigging with it and it`s a real good one... I can`t help but think a plastic/glue-sawdust guitar will be more cost effective..;)
4/4/12 9:22 PM
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Just picked up my third guitar already... damn lol.

Got a Squire Classic Vibe telecaster thinline. Don't laugh it sounds incredible!! I couldn't pass it up for the price.