S&C UnderGround Ketogenic Diet

7/5/07 6:03 PM
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who here has tried this?
7/5/07 6:05 PM
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seems crazy!
7/5/07 7:33 PM
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Isn't it just Atkins before Atkins popularized it and put his name on it?
7/5/07 9:15 PM
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yes. and no i've never tried it. but its not for everyone. there is an article on T-mag.com right now about individual carb requirements. give it a read.
7/6/07 5:41 AM
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I've tried it on a few occasions (never with the keto-sticks-deal though). I typically loose 5 lbs during the first three days (glucogen/water), but I seem to gain weight from it longer term. Probably because I tend to take in too much fat. I'm basicaly done with the low-carb stuff.
7/8/07 3:26 PM
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Ketogenic diets are awesome. I have used and recommend versions of CKD diets for years with great success. In fact all the diets I work with are a form of Macro nutrient cycling in one sense or another. TAKU

7/8/07 3:33 PM
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See my Atkins diet thread. I reccomend the original atkins diet book,from 20 years ago. It goes from extreme atkins to maintenance diet which is similar to warrior and zone diets.
7/8/07 8:58 PM
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I did a Ketogenic diet a few years ago. I stayed in deep Ketosis for 6 days and then took 1 day off. I lost about 30lbs in a month. I did Weight Lifting 2-3 days a week, cardio 6 days a week and about 10 hours of martial arts training. The good thing about it is that once you hit Ketosis, you burn bodyfat 24/7 so the more active you are, the more fat you will burn. It really is a great way to lose bodyfat if you can stick to the strictness of the diet (under 30 carbs a day).
7/9/07 3:22 AM
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When compared to other diets (like low fat) at equal calorie levels, it works about the same as anything else (adherence to the diet being the big determinant of success in all diets). However, a lot of people find it a lot easier to stick to the ketogenic type diets, they report less hunger, and etc. So it's got that going for it. Here's a study on that aspect- clicky It's also apparently effective for treating kids with epilepsy...
7/9/07 3:24 AM
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This study shows no difference in weight loss, but more negative effects with the ketogenic diet.
7/9/07 3:29 AM
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And this one quite the opposite, however the weight loss was still equal between the two diets examined.
7/9/07 7:15 AM
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I dunno, I got incredibly results doing a ketogenic diet than with any other diet. I honestly don't see how those studies can be valid. I know so many people who got the fatloss results they wanted using ketogenic diets over any other type of diet.
7/9/07 2:51 PM
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When your sample size is one, you can't actually compare two diets equitably, since you can only do one at a time. In a controlled study you can account for variables that couldn't possibly be controlled in one person over two different diets. Like I mentioned above, a lot of people find compliance to a ketogenic diet a lot easier, and a lot of studies show that compliance correlates with weightloss more than anything else. If the same result comes up over multiple studies, saying the results are invalid is not a very logical conclusion. It's basically just denial. I'm not trying to knock you down or anything, I'm just making the case that all else being equal, a ketogenic diet is no better for weightloss than anything else, and I think the facts support me on that. A study I saw mentioned but couldn't find compared energy consumption at rest between people on ketogenic diets and other diets, and showed that it was basically identical. In other words, ketogenic diets don't result in an increased metabolic rate. I'll try to find that study and post it here.