S&C UnderGround Run a marathon before?

11/19/12 11:28 PM
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I ran my first one this september.  Just curious if there were many others around here who have ran one.

11/20/12 7:31 AM
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I ran my first and last in April.
11/20/12 7:44 AM
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Kind of ran two, but one was up and down a mountain and through obstacles with some swimming and the other involved a ton of exercises, lifting sandbags, lifting logs, and wearing a 40 lbs ruck. Both were over 26 miles though.
11/20/12 12:33 PM
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Thanks guys votes go up.

11/20/12 1:22 PM
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Signed up for the LA Marathon 2013....it's my first run longer than a 5K and I'm stoked to get in there and give it a shot. I have seen all kinds of people from overweight looking housewives to legless vets cross the finish line so I figure I have zero excuse not to get out there and do one at least once while I still can. Phone Post
11/20/12 1:27 PM
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Good for you Temp.  The thing about about the overweight housewives is why I did one.  VU.

11/20/12 1:31 PM
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I signed up for the San Francisco marathon in June. Will be my first one. Probably run a half marathon or two between now and then. Running a 10k turkey trot on Thanksgiving which will be fun. Phone Post
11/20/12 2:06 PM
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Thanks, man!
11/20/12 2:34 PM
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my mom runs marathons
11/20/12 7:58 PM
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Never done a marathon, but I've done an oly distance tri which I guess is roughly equivalent.

About people that run them, yeah almost anyone can finish, but what's their time? ;)
11/21/12 2:27 PM
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Planning on doing the Houston Marathon on January 13th. It will be my first one since April 2011. Luckily it's flat, without many hills!
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i am getting into running more as i get older

starting to do races, nothing long yet

maybe from my self esteem issues as a child or something, but i am very competitive

i did my first 5K in a decent time, but just to "have fun"

then when i saw all the names ahead of me afterward i was all "fuck those dudes!" haha

i cant get down with just doing a marathon with just finishing as a goal with a 4+ hour time

my goal is to get my race pace a consistent 7min at 5 & 10k and then work up from there
11/21/12 6:56 PM
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ran one in may. absolute worst pain i've ever felt in my life and i vowed to never run one again. signed up again for this years. can't wait to redeem myself and feel that pain again.
11/21/12 8:47 PM
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I ran mine in 3:58.  I hit the wall at mile 19.  I went out way too fast.  If you are a first timer go out slow.  That was my plan, but the competitive drive comes back easily.

11/21/12 8:57 PM
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Ran the chicago marathon in 2007. First and last race for me :) Phone Post
11/21/12 10:00 PM
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Did my first 1/2 marathon this year. My goal for next year is a 1/2 Iron Man. Not sure if I will ever do a marathon... I seem to enjoy the multi-sport training more.
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11/22/12 4:00 AM
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Yes. Still trying to figure out how to push through the wall at mile 20. It's hard to move your legs when your body is signaling that you can't move your legs. Phone Post
11/23/12 3:24 PM
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Ran one a few years ago. I'd done 4 or 5 halfs prior. I was pretty happy with the result. Stayed on pace (5 min/km, or a 3:31 finish) until the last 2km. Ended up with a 3:35, so I went from 5min/km to 7min/km. Those last 2km sucked really bad, but there was no way I could move any faster. Really glad it didn't happen with, say, 5km or more to go. I was all lubed up with Bodyglide and I taped my nipples and still got really bad chaffing. Don't think I'd do another.
11/23/12 4:00 PM
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3:35 is a really good time. Congrats, Bob.
11/23/12 5:30 PM
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i ran a 5 mile race on thursday with several thousand people

they had designated areas at the start for estimated pace

i made sure to line up where i thought i should be at

wow, this was my first experience with how jerky people can be in this venue. spent the first mile dipping and dodging around baby strollers, 12 min milers and walkers.

the race expressly asked jogging strollers to line up at 9mins and slower

i was in the 7min que and heard people right next to me joking about how they would be lucky to run 10 or 11

also, didnt realize that the race was ranked on clock and not chip time. had a >1min difference in mine.

after reading, seems like it is a big controversy among runners; clock vs chip time


had fun, managed 7:23 pace, still off my goal of 7

11/23/12 5:36 PM
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just to add to that

being the data nerd i am

i pored over the race results already and found people with >11min pace whose clock & chip times were basically identical

that means they lined up in the 5min pace area

i just cant relate to that approach. i would feel like a jerk jamming up all those guys who actually could run at that pace.
11/23/12 5:45 PM
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Yeah, glass neck. That's par for the course for any type of race. If you are in any sort of shape, get as far to the front as you can. I'm a relatively fast dude, but I'm not a speed demon, so I'll get as far forward until I hit the 135 lbs stick figure dudes in short shorts. Even then the first mile of any race be it a 5k or 40k will be ducking, dodging, and weaving around people that are going at a snails' pace. I look at it like road rage. If you expect people to be courteous and consciousness for other people, you'll get pissed off and QUICK. Just assume people will be road blocking, selfish assholes, and you're expectations will be met. Just another day on the road; be it on foot or in a car. ;)
11/23/12 5:47 PM
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And a 7:23/mile over 5 miles of road racing is extremely good. Borderline amazing. If you put effort into it, you could go pro with times like that. Any non-runner approaching that, is in absolutely amazing shape and naturally fast.