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9/30/10 1:35 PM
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Could one of those camping hand-pump filters (ceramic) handle the volume needed to supply a family in a SHTF situation? Say you had a supply of pool water or old stored drinking water you were concerned about? Would I need more than one filter?
10/4/10 11:43 PM
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How long will the berkey filters last?
11/20/10 4:26 AM
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 Katadyn Base Camp Water Filter

hand helds (in my experiance) are ok for short term use for groups of 1-3. but they are not sturdy and when people are using them all day long they WILL fail.

i like the above filter, use it for larger groups on river trips. its a good idea to pre-filter and put the cleanest water you can find/make in. it makes a huge difference.

good ole bleach or iodine works a s well.
11/20/10 1:56 PM
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Water filters.... in a SHTF situation, relying on any kind of technology too much is dangerous.

First, know the water in your area and what the pathogens are. At the least, crypto and giardia need to be addressed.

Black charcoal is a fantastic way to clean water. Fill a pillow case 1/4 full, and pour water slowly through. The charcoal should come from burned wood and not briquettes.

You can use clear plastic bags or shallow pans to let the sun purify the water with UV. The water cant be deeper than 3/8" or the bottom of the water will not be purified. One gallon laid out at 1/4" will take one hour in full sun to purify.

You can rapidly steam water. You just distill it. Many ways to distill water, but the best way is to buy about four feet of 1/4" copper tubing. Get a pot boiling for 2-3 minutes and then put the end of the copper coil into the pot near the top. Cover the pot with foil. The water that comes out will be near pure.
You do NOT need to boil water longer than that, you will just be wasting fuel.

You can add one cap full of pure bleach per gallon of water. Let it sit for 30-40 minutes depending on temperature. This is the same chemical, sodium hypochlorite, that AquaPura and the like create.

And a note on filters.... Most dont work completely. Realize that rotavirus, hanta virus ( from mouse crap ), Norwalk, and Hepatitus are smaller than the filters. They pass right through.
11/24/10 3:28 AM
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I just posted in another thread about the Sawyer water filters. Very nice.