SurvivalGround One Second After: Who Do You Let In and Why?

6/3/10 7:52 PM
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Most of you are probably familiar with this novel. But for those who aren't, an EMP takes out virtually all electronic and electrical devices in the United States, baslcally plunging the U.S. back into the 19th century and no one knows how long it will take to recover.

The residents of one small town in North Carolina band together but quickly realize they'll be swamped with refugees from the big cities. So they decide to close of access to the area and only allow in people who won't be just more mouths to feed.

There's some discussion of whom to let in, what skills they are looking for. But the author never explicitly says what they decide on other than to say the military veterans and police officers who step up to take charge insist that cops and military types get in.

So who would you let in? Are there people with certain skills or professions you'd let in under any circumstances? Are there people you'd only let in under certain circumstances or only if there aren't too many people with that skill already?
6/8/10 9:43 PM
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6/9/10 1:20 PM
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7/1/10 2:45 PM
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7/6/10 8:09 PM
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8/20/10 9:20 AM
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