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The camera crew follows Gracie through a Vale Tudo tournament

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vtfu! thank you so much for posting this....i have wanted towatch it for quite some time



have a great weekend HKP, thanks again

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The fight ends when someone quits or is knocked unconscious. Don't look to the referee for help. If you get into trouble, your opponent will break your elbow, knee you in the head, or choke you out. This isn't ancient Greece or Rome. This is Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, or New York. The time is now. Welcome to the world of no-holds-barred freestyle fighting...the fastest growing "sport" in the United States, Brazil, and Japan. CHOKE follows undisputed World Freestyle Fighting Champion Rickson Gracie as he prepares to defend his title in a one-night, single elimination tournament where the winner will fight 3 separate fights over five hours. The World Cup finals of hand-to-hand combat.

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This exquisite piece of work is far more professional than any of the American pro wrestling mega-event videos produced recently. The often-gory fights are well handled and only play a small role; this video is not solely about fighting. Done in documentary style, "Choke" takes an introspective look at the men--their goals, their dreams, and their families--who become the ultimate fighting machines in the ring at the 1995 Vale Tudo World Fighting Championship in Tokyo. \n Delving into the life of the undefeated and undisputed world freestyle fighting champion, Rickson Gracie, a 30-year-old jujitsu expert from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this video displays a side that you rarely see in sports: the articulate, intelligent family man who turns his training into the art of movement and athleticism--not violence. It also explores the world of two men expected to offer a serious challenge to Gracie: American heavyweight kickboxer Todd "Hollywood" Hays and Japanese shootfighting heavyweight champion Koichiro Kimura. These two men provide some of the more uplifting moments in the documentary. Hays, who is also a member of the U.S. Olympic bobsled team, explains how he will use his performance money to fund his dream of buying a bobsled that will allow him to be a driver in the 1998 Winter Games. Kimura completes his training but then has to ask the permission of his elderly parents to compete. The big man bluffs his way through with a warm smile and a respectful manner.\n "Choke" is an insightful look at a full-contact, controversial sport. The only warning it should carry is that some of the scenes are graphically violent and some of the language is X-rated. "--Gordie Sholtys" 

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yeah FFM

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vtfu! thank you so much for posting this....i have wanted towatch it for quite some time



have a great weekend HKP, thanks again

my pleasure Smiff

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One of my favorites, mandatory to watch at least once very year or two. Phone Post
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Awesome Phone Post
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Choke was cool to watch back in the day. The thing that sucks about it is the quality of the competition. I'd like to have seen Rickson face some better fighters.
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I have this on VHS! I don't even have a VHS anymore but I am going to keep it because its cool as fuck! Phone Post
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This is the very first tape I was sent from someone on the internet (free of charge) like a druggie,I came back & bought more,and more,and more,and more.

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Yuki Nakai is the epitome of a fighter with budo, while gordeau is one of the biggest pieces of shit to ever compete in combat sports. I also have this on VHS, but it's called Vale Tudo Fighting Championships 2: Japan Open 1995.
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"Yuki Nakai is the epitome of a fighter with budo, while gordeau is one of the biggest pieces of shit to ever compete in combat sports."

Yep, Yuki Nakai is one of the gutsiest fighters I've ever seen, and Gordeau was a real scumbag for eye gouging him. It serves him right, Nakai should have broken his arm.

Yuki Nakai actually went blind in one eye because of this fight.

Somebody should have found Gordeau in a place where nobody else was around and beaten the crap out of him for that.
11/24/12 3:43 AM
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I can't watch this because of the nakai thing. I just get so pissed off. Gordeu is a scumbag. Glad Royce held on to that choke longer than usual on him. Phone Post
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Subbed for later. If I could I would vote you up OP. I've been wanting to see this for years Phone Post
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"Flow with the go". Phone Post
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