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1/25/13 7:45 PM
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$1000 Cash Reward
We had a Trailer Parked behind the Fight Lab in Murrieta Ca, with ALL OF OUR Grappling X Tournament Set up and someone stole it last night. We are offering $1000 Cash Reward to information that leads to arrest of the suspects. There is a video and... we should have a vehicle description soon.
Please Guys Check EBay, Craigslist and just watch for anyone trying to sell Metal barriers and Mats.
28 Foot White enclosed trailer.
Black and grey Dollamur Mats (With the Grappling X and Dollamur Logos Painted on them)
Metal Barriers
This was pretty much our full tournament set up, that Shawn, Brian and Cory had worked hard to build up. We are 100% self funded and that was everything

Plate # 4EW9275
There are Picture of the Mats on our Facebook
1/25/13 7:46 PM
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That sucks man, best of luck

1/25/13 7:52 PM
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this needs to be stickied! It's hard to hide something like that, hope they find it soon with the gear still inside. Hate to say it but it's probably someone you've met. People are super desperate right now, money is hard to come by. Still they deserve to be shot then hung

1/25/13 8:03 PM
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It is possible that it is someone that knows us. I truly think it was random because everyone that really knows us knows that the fight Lab is right next to the riverside County building and there are cameras all around the building and it is all on film.
It makes it hard because we have a Tournament on Sunday in Fresno and that was pretty much all of our tournament Equipment.

Please Help Get the word out about the Mats and Equipment. We are hoping that the police are able to get them but if not soon or later they are going to try to sell the mats and the logos are painted on.
Thank you
Cory Cass
1/25/13 8:03 PM
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Hope u catch em and feed em to the facking pigs Phone Post
1/25/13 8:05 PM
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something stolen big like that always ends up having a connection to someone in the know.

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...and that fucking sucks. Hope insurance covers the loss. I was shopping for mats on ebay just last week, ill poke around since i know what was out there.

1/25/13 8:12 PM
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Damn shame Phone Post
1/25/13 8:23 PM
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We have filled an insurance claim, But there is a good Chance it is NOT going to cover the stuff. We will not know until next week.
We have accepted that there is a good possibility that we have to start all the way over with our tournament set. We have always been here for the sport and we will never give up on the sport and what we believe in.
People that have come to our events know what we are about. We have never been in this to get rich but to be a part of the sport we love and to provide a fair and Safe place for people to compete in.
Thank you guys and help get the word out about the Equipment.

1/25/13 8:28 PM
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Fuck That Sucks Ass!!! I hate fucking Thieves!

Keep us posted, if you don't get your gear back, lets get a fundraiser going here to get you Right... I'll donate a little Coin and I'm sure there's other peeps on here who will to.

Really Hope who ever the fuck stole it gets caught and then gets caught in the Shower by Bubba And Leroy! Phone Post
1/25/13 8:38 PM
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That's awful!! Good luck finding the assholes. Phone Post
1/25/13 8:41 PM
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Unreal. People are just unreal. Sorry to hear about your loss.
1/25/13 8:55 PM
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Thanks. TTT
1/25/13 9:04 PM
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Can Someone post the picture of the Mats on here please. We have it on our facebook page www.facebook.com/grapplingx
1/25/13 9:10 PM
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Fucking ridiculous. Hope you catch the bastards before they unload it. After the police are done with them you can have an impromptu training session with them when they least expect it. Phone Post
1/25/13 9:11 PM
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Meth related IMO. Phone Post
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TTT for Cory & the Fight Lab


1/25/13 9:17 PM
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Best of luck.

1/25/13 9:18 PM
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TTT Phone Post
1/25/13 9:18 PM
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Blue name for life for the person who provides information leading to the recovery of the gear.

1/25/13 9:25 PM
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The 2nd picture with the grey and black mats were the ones that were stolen. Thake you
1/25/13 9:32 PM
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Thank you Kirik
1/25/13 9:34 PM
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In for the return!! Phone Post
1/25/13 9:35 PM
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Kirik -

Blue name for life for the person who provides information leading to the recovery of the gear.

Epic Phone Post
1/25/13 9:39 PM
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I'm in Murrieta and a business owner. I know quite a few people in the area. I'll begin getting the word out and reach out to the local news outlets.

B.R. Phone Post