UnderGround Forums 2013 year of the undisputed HW title?

2/1/13 11:42 PM
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With Overeem now fighting again in the UFC should him or Silva for that matter win and get a title shot at Cain we could see a unification of a lot of HW titles.

Reem is the linear Pride HW champion
The current Strikeforce champion
The linear Wamma HW champion
and the Dream HW champion.

Should Reem or Silva fight Cain we could see the unification of all these titles.

With of course the exception being the Bellator HW championship.
2/1/13 11:57 PM
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That's cool Phone Post
2/1/13 11:58 PM
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That IS cool Phone Post
2/2/13 12:14 AM
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Also Reem is the linear EXC champ.

Big Foot was EXC champ, lost to Werdum who lost to Reem.

So winner of that fight would be UFC, Pride, WAMMA, SF, EXC, Dream champ.

And Bellators HW div means nothing.
2/2/13 12:30 AM
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i did not even think about the Elite XC championship too.

That is crazy we could see just about every major HW title in modern MMA unified this year
2/2/13 1:36 AM
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Isn't reem actually the original linear ufc heavyweight champ Phone Post
2/2/13 5:42 AM
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When did he win the pride belt? Phone Post
2/2/13 5:52 AM
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UGCTT_mousetrap - When did he win the pride belt? Phone Post
I think they meant Dream (a.k.a. Pride Lite) Phone Post
2/3/13 2:01 AM
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Bigfoot got his elite xc championship back Phone Post