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7/14/13 1:26 AM
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Will bring a super great fight to the fans.

I am actually gonna be more anxious for the rematch. Can't wait.

And what will you guys think of the outcome of the rematch?
7/14/13 1:32 AM
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Anderson will get his revenge in this life or the next.
7/14/13 6:49 PM
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Well, we know Weidman will be looking to prove it wasn't a fluke win and Anderson looks eager to prove it was. Even without the drama it's a great style matchup and I agree it'll be a fight for the ages.

I look at Anderson as RJJ getting dq'd in his first fight with Griffith and coming back in brutal fashion looking for a first rd KO. The only problem is that Weidman has the ability to make the fight a grappling match and will most likely do that at least in the first round or two. Then we get to see if Anderson has the same KO power and slickness late in the fight.

Great matchup, and the drama only adds to the intrigue! Phone Post 3.0
7/14/13 7:04 PM
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If Anderson wins can we expect the trilogy to settle it? Phone Post 3.0
7/14/13 7:10 PM
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brigsy - If Anderson wins can we expect the trilogy to settle it? Phone Post 3.0
I would think that if serious Silva destroys Chris he would have to work for the trilogy....just my opinion though.

I could also see Anderson winning in devastating fashion and then giving up the MW belt and just taking fights at 205 or vs gsp(unlikely). Phone Post
7/14/13 7:38 PM
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Serious Silva might mean a more aggressive Silva.

And that = more chances for Weidman to finish the fight standing or on the ground. Phone Post 3.0
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^^ Silva seems to like to put undo pressure on himself. He has the mindset I have to go in and prove it was a fluke instead of just go and win another fight. I think the pressure of being champion for so long has worn down his desire to even want to fight. It is one thing to work past your desire to be there with other professions but as a fight I think it is an all or nothing deal especially at the level of holding a championship belt or fighting for one.

7/14/13 11:39 PM
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Not sure what to think at moment
7/14/13 11:43 PM
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A serious Silva would have won the first fight.