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4/23/14 3:52 PM
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So he gets KO'd cold, was dominated in all 3 rounds of both fights, loses 2 straight and doesn't drop one spot?

Not trying to dis Silva at all but the ranking system...

2 straight losses and was dominated in both...barring an injury in the 2nd fight... was still getting beat up...

Not sure how he doesn't drop at all...
4/23/14 4:07 PM
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Kind of like Phil Davis should be ahead of Gus right? It is a CURRENT ranking...
4/23/14 4:07 PM
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Yes he's number one until someone not names Chris Weidman beats him.

His ranking actually makes sense to me. Phone Post 3.0
4/23/14 4:09 PM
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phillyslice99 - Stupid thread Phone Post 3.0

oh SNAP!

4/23/14 4:11 PM
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He did move down a spot after losing two fights, he went from (c) to (#1).
4/23/14 4:33 PM
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Actually he was at #4 until not too long ago.

You see, the UFC rankings are like government regulating itself. This is why they created they're own rankings, because they felt they could now manipulate the mma landscape without having to worry about other ranking systems they manipulated in the past.
How does Brock Lesnar become #1 w/o fighting instead of Werdum?
Now they no longer answer to anyone but the fans, and history will tell you how that's gone.
The "official" story is they are there to make sense out of title pictures.

In reality, they move according to the fights they make, or really whenever they want.
The closer Silva gets to a return, the more legitimized he is if something is on paper, nevermind that people can make up their own minds about their interest.
Zuffa has proven excellent at manufacturing interest, ranks gives them that extra "umph".
Like calling the UFC champion "of the world". No way! REALLY????!!!
Not "of the night???!!"

Weidman was #7, then given a title shot above Vitor, so they bumped Vitor to #2, and put Weidman at #1.

Again, Vitor #1, Machida fights for the title, so he gets #1.
Now, they are re-strategizing, and it costs them nothing to move a number, especially considering ratings drops and waning interest
4/23/14 4:50 PM
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He was not KOd cold. Phone Post 3.0
4/23/14 4:53 PM
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KOphil25 - He was not KOd cold. Phone Post 3.0
Close enough Phone Post 3.0
4/23/14 4:58 PM
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VitorpeepeetasteStrongTRT -
KOphil25 - He was not KOd cold. Phone Post 3.0
Close enough Phone Post 3.0
Far to much? Phone Post 3.0
4/23/14 5:01 PM
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when Anderson gets back please give him to Romero!awesome fight..