UnderGround Forums AFC Owner bashes Mark Pavelich

5/19/13 11:53 PM
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Aggression Fighting Championships Owner - Darren Owen bashed MFC President Mark Pavelich. A pretty interesting rebuttal to some comments Pavelich made a couple weeks earlier on MMASucka Radio.

AFC owner shows aggression towards Mark Pavelich - MMASucka.com

5/19/13 11:59 PM
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"The guy is delusional – I don’t have the names in front of me but his undercard was and no disrespect to any of the guys who fight MMA anywhere, but if you look at the undercard and the level of where those guys are at; kind of mid-tier guys, some guys up and starting. Two brothers who don’t train are fighting each other, yeah that made a lot of sense. There was some good integrity there in the sport and he is trying to say that is better? I compared apples to apples, his Edmonton card to our Edmonton card. We’ve got Ryan Ford, arguably the best fighter in Canada not signed by the UFC fighting the winner of Joel Powell a top 10 welterweight and Michael Hill. We’ve got Jesse Ronson, the number one 155er not signed in the UFC fighting Shane Campbell another 8-1 crazy Muay Thai specialist, our current 155 champ. We’ve got Stephen Beaumont 7-1 versus Brandt Dewsbery 10-2. The card is stacked – The Tim Hague vs. [Kalib] Starnes fight is on there. Sheldon Westcott is fighting on that card and Victor Valimaki vs. Dwayne Lewis. That card is probably better than any card he has ever put on. To try and say his undercard is better than that, I’d love to compare the two full cards. He had Birchak versus Benoit for his main event and have you ever heard of either one of those guys?" Phone Post 3.0
5/20/13 12:01 AM
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"His lack of respect for everybody else in Canadian MMA is what bugs me. He disrespects the fighters all the time, he disrespects some of the other pioneers who have done this longer than him and have done this with more integrity than him. He will cut anybody’s throat to make a buck in this business, he screwed over almost every one of his sponsors – he has no sponsorship retention. All the sponsors go with him and he screws them over and then they go.
The time I spent in Edmonton hearing stories from all the different fighters in Edmonton, it is ridiculous how many bridges that guy has burnt. I think that is why he’s got to get out of Edmonton; nobody wants to support him, everybody hates him. You continue to disrespect people and fight with people you’re going to run out of fighters to use, gyms to use and sponsors to have. So I hope he doesn’t come to B.C. and screw everything up over here." Phone Post 3.0
5/20/13 12:01 AM
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"They have AXS TV, other than that they don’t have anything. If they didn’t have AXS TV he’d have nothing. His live shows don’t draw anywhere near what our live shows draw. People in Canada can’t even watch the MFC live!" Phone Post 3.0
5/20/13 12:03 AM
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Did Starnes move up to HW or am i missing somthing cuz Tim is a big dude.
5/20/13 12:06 AM
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I'm absolutely no one but he did threaten to have me "taken care of" .... Lol the guys a sinking ship!

5/20/13 2:42 PM
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trent205 - 

I'm absolutely no one but he did threaten to have me "taken care of" .... Lol the guys a sinking ship!

Pavelich wanted to "off" you? We have heard of him going after guys in hallways before and after fights, but never that. What's the story?

5/20/13 2:55 PM
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trent205 -

I'm absolutely no one but he did threaten to have me "taken care of" .... Lol the guys a sinking ship!

Holy shit !!!!

Sub ... Phone Post 3.0
5/20/13 3:09 PM
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All signs point to Pavelich being a sociopath.
5/20/13 4:17 PM
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5/20/13 4:19 PM
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trent205 -

I'm absolutely no one but he did threaten to have me "taken care of" .... Lol the guys a sinking ship!

Story? Phone Post 3.0
5/20/13 4:49 PM
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Pavelich is an ass hat for sure. So may stories out there about how big a douche this guy is. He used to offer cash for forum member's real names so he could "pay them a visit" Phone Post
5/20/13 5:53 PM
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Ya I'm not gonna get into the whole thing but if ya look into the Canada forum I'm sure you'll find it, his son was in some "trouble" I saw him on the 6 o'clock news and happened to be online at the same time so I posted about what the news had reported on! Mostly asking if anyone else had seen it, but then a few hours later I get a threatening message via PM on this very site. I still have it as I didn't want to erase it so I'd have proof :)  other than that I'm from Edmonton and I know and used to train with quite a few of guys on his past/current roster. I will be the first to post something if ever I hear something good about the guy! On a side note if ya guys ever want a good laugh check out topmmanews.com he's always there posting under fake names talking shit about other orgs and fighters! Everyone knows its him but still he persists lol