UnderGround Forums Advice please. Best billing co. for Gym? thank u

1/20/13 3:25 PM
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I opened my MMA gym years ago as a "Miletich Fighting Systems Affiliate" when people were still learning about MMA. It was a very tough sale. I am hoping since the growth of our sport, things will be different now. Can anyone advise me on what billing company i should use? I need all the advice i can get. And it's much appreciated. Thanks friends. Jason Reinhardt
1/20/13 3:28 PM
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I should add that this time around my gym is not just going to be a "fighters only gym", as i am not looking to starve to death. ha ha. My new gym will be a family type environment with teaching MMA and fitness, including many classes such as Yoga, self-defense, kids mma, ect.. Safety always comes first and taking care of the students/members.
1/20/13 3:40 PM
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1/20/13 3:51 PM
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mdgrappler30 - Membersolutions
Yup Phone Post
1/20/13 3:57 PM
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thanks. members solution is who i used before. i can't say i was unhappy at all with them. i was just wondering if there are any others out there people like?
1/27/13 10:18 PM
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Club ready is by far the best billing company I've ever used

1/28/13 12:27 AM
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20plus years running a school, members solutions is the best I've dealt with