UnderGround Forums Aldo Vs. Koch UFC 153 In Brazil!

7/19/12 12:50 PM
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 Will this Brazil card also include J.D.S. Vs. Cain????
7/19/12 12:55 PM
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Says in the article Aldo's the headliner but that could change Phone Post
7/19/12 12:55 PM
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The fact that they've announced this as the headliner, I don't think JDS/Cain will be on this card Phone Post
7/19/12 1:00 PM
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 Yeah it's in the HSBC arena i think they would want to do J.D.S Vs. Cain in a stadium arena in Brazil

7/19/12 6:31 PM
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Would rather watch Aldo take on Korean Zombie over Koch
7/19/12 7:31 PM
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 if it's in the hsbc arena no way will zuffa put cain/jds there.  More than likely Vegas (mgm) bought the cain/jds fight and that's why it's off the toronto card.