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2/25/13 4:34 PM
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Aldo clarifies stance, will fight Pettis, no title


At the UFC 157 post fight press conference, UFC president Dana White revealed that UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo was refusing a fight with Anthony Pettis, who would be dropping down from lightweight to take the fight, for the first time.

In an interview with Tatame, Aldo clarified his stance.

Tatame: Dana White said at the press conference after UFC 157 Saturday that you won't want to accept the fight with Anthony Pettis. Is this true or will you accept the fight?

Jose Aldo: Nothing is signed. We are hoping for the best for us. I haven't talked to (my manager) Dede, I do not know how the case is. Not watched the event yesterday, because I was asleep, so I'm waiting. First I'll talk to Dede to learn is how the whole situation.

Tatame: The possibility exists that the fight be refused?

JO: This is very concerning, we do not know what is going on. It's a big fight that everyone wants to see, but first I have to talk to Dede.

Tatame: The UFC put Frankie Edgar in a superfight against you, and now want to put the Pettis. Do you agree with this "stuck queue"?

JO: No. They created a ranking for not just that, but is not serving for nothing, because they're pulling people from other categories. This is only happening on my weight, I see it nowhere else. Everyone talks about superfights, but it never occurs in other divisions. We have to sit down and talk with the UFC to see a solution to this case. Why not put Anderson Silva against all others who are wanting to fight for years?

Tatame: Why do you think this is occurring at featherweight?

JO: Yeah (laughs), I do not know if there's any reason for it or not, but no matter. Whoever does not choose a champion opponent or location. We have to be ready at any time and that's what I do. I prepare to give my very best.

Tatame: Do you think other opponents like Ricardo Lamas, before Pettis deserved this chance?

JO: The fighter who deserves the first chance is Ricardo Lamas, because he beat Erik Koch, who was the next contender. He has earned the chance after the victory. Cub Swanson is one that is growing too large. They are athletes of the class, struggling for a long time for a place for the belt, which never arrives according to opponents of the UFC put up category. If the UFC wants a superfight, I do not see any problem. I fight whoever, but the belt has to be against Lamas or Swanson.

Tatame: So you believe that the fight against Pettis should not rely on the title?

JO: Not for me. As a guy will fight for the belt if he never fought in our weight? It is an injustice to others. Do not say no to me, because I'm the champion and I fight whoever comes, but it is an injustice because everyone is training, winning his fights, thinking about becoming champion. Meanwhile, someone comes up category, asks a chance and gives UFC.

Read entire article... (original Portuguese)

2/25/13 4:36 PM
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Pettis is after a belt, no way will he take this fight as non-title
2/25/13 4:37 PM
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Yeah, good luck with that. Phone Post
2/25/13 4:38 PM
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MAkes sense to me Phone Post
2/25/13 4:38 PM
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I think Yoda wrote that...
2/25/13 4:40 PM
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I understand Jose' stance on this and it makes complete sense.


It's happening right now with Sonnen/Jones and everyone is bitching about how that is complete bullshit. Yet everyone wants to shit on Aldo for taking a stand. Good on him, and he also seems to be saying he will do what the UFC tells him to, but he thinks it is unfair to the true contenders.

2/25/13 4:40 PM
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Not saying I agree with Pettis skipping in line, because that in itself warrants a lot of thought and examination, but if they do this fight at 145 and not for a title I think it will be silly. What if Pettis beats Jose at that weight but then Jose is no longer the champion? Seriously? If it is that big of a deal to Jose, do it at a catchweight of 150 or do it at Lightweight. But not at 145 without a title on the line -- that could muddy up the water of that divisions even worse than the precedent of Lightweight fighters moving down in weight for a title shot...which I believe is what Jose is worried about.

Regardless of anyone's opinions on the validity of a Pettis title shot, I think there is no denying that a fight between Jose Aldo and Anthony Pettis would be amazing!
2/25/13 4:40 PM
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LOL @ him thinking that he's going to dictate the terms of his fights to Zuffa. Dana threw Jones under the bus in front of the media without hesitation.

Aldo isn't GSP or Anderson. Like Dana said at the press conference. Aldo and Pedeneiras aren't gong to like how this turns out if they don't do what they're told.

2/25/13 4:45 PM
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Do as you are told!!!

2/25/13 4:45 PM
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I'm fine with a non-title super fight. I just want to see the fight!

2/25/13 4:45 PM
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How come he didn't recognize zombie. Phone Post
2/25/13 4:45 PM
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No way a non title fight happens. Dana made it very clear aldo does as told or he wont like how it ends. And Dana will no way want to make a non title fight.. Phone Post
2/25/13 4:46 PM
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Phisher -

LOL @ him thinking that he's going to dictate the terms of his fights to Zuffa. Dana threw Jones under the bus in front of the media without hesitation.

Aldo isn't GSP or Anderson. Like Dana said at the press conference. Aldo and Pedeneiras aren't gong to like how this turns out if they don't do what they're told.

! Phone Post
2/25/13 4:47 PM
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Turning this down will do irreparable damage to Aldo's career. It will likely get him stripped of his title and put him in the UFC's doghouse for years to come. There's zero benefit to Aldo to be taking this kind of stand right now. Phone Post
2/25/13 4:48 PM
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We all know how this ends. Dana sons him and his management and the fight happens as planned. Phone Post
2/25/13 4:48 PM
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So if Pettis wins, and they call for a rematch/title fight, doesnt that logjam the division more? Phone Post
2/25/13 4:48 PM
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Aldo doesn't get to dictate these terms. 

His input is interesting and all, and should be considered.  But at the end of the day, he's the champion and needs to fight who he's told to fight provided they can make weight.  He doesn't make the business decisions. 

If we're going to allow champions get to pick and choose opponents or pick and choose when belts are on the line, then matters are going to become hopelessly confused.  It only works when the bosses get to make the call on the cross-divisional and line-hopping stuff.  If the fighters have that right too, then contendorship will be a mess and nobody has the unilateral power to fix it.

Aldo needs to fight Pettis, for the title, or have his belt stripped.  Lamas and Pettis (or Swanson) can then fight for a vacant strap.  When Aldo comes to his senses, he can be the number one contender to that belt.  Or he can get cut.  Either way.

2/25/13 4:54 PM
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Zuffa should acknowledge what he is saying. Others deserve a title shot at 145 before Pettis. Pettis has never held a title in the UFC as Edgar did, big difference. Past champions deserve the respect and Aldo even gave it.

Pettis needs at least one fight at 45 to prove he can make the cut and how he can perform at that weight. What happens if he cuts to 45 and Aldo completely destroys him do to him not handling the cut well? Not to fair for guys at 45 that have earned the shot that they were over stepped.
2/25/13 4:55 PM
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Hes not big enough yet to be worrying about whats happening in other divisions or whos skipping who to get a fight with him.

STFU and destory the guys put in front of you.

Then in a couple of years, you get to pick a fight against a guy you dont like ahead of the top contender just like GSP did.


Also hes acting like Pettis is just some bum whos coming off the street without making his bones in the sport.


The division is what, 2-3 years old in the UFC and he was grandfathered in so he just needs to shut up and fight.



2/25/13 4:59 PM
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Do some fighters forget they are employees? You're not above the company Jose.
2/25/13 5:01 PM
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Can someone refresh my memory?

Didn't Edgar only get the shot right away when Koch got hurt? He wasn't supposed to get an immediate shot. Phone Post
2/25/13 5:01 PM
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I would have liked to see Aldo vs Lamas and Pettis vs Swanson.
2/25/13 5:01 PM
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3rdLion - Do some fighters forget they are employees? You're not above the company Jose.
Fighters are independant contractors, not employees. Phone Post
2/25/13 5:02 PM
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i don't get that dude. he *should* want to fight the biggest name who can make 145. frankie dropping was the best thing that happened to him.
2/25/13 5:02 PM
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They aren't employees. They are independent contractors. Phone Post