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1/24/13 8:28 AM
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Evolve Mixed Martial Arts in Singapore is expanding its Professional Fight Team. I believe this is the best opportunity I have ever seen for a fighter. The Evolve Fight Team benefits are very extensive and are detailed on their website and blog. Check out the link below and email the required information if interested in being considered.


Heath Sims
Evolve MMA
Coach Professional Fight Team Phone Post
1/24/13 8:37 AM
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I am currently out here in Singapore and the training environment is fantastic.

A huge number of talented thai trainers, a proven Mma coach/wrestling Olympian, high level BJJ Blackbelts,etc.
It is one of the nicest facilities I have been to in the US and one of the most professional organizations I have seen.

To say I am impressed so far would be an understatement, and after seeing how well the staff and management work with the fighters/trainers on all aspects of MMA, I am super excited to see where the future of Asian MMA goes with Evolve as a major player.

Jump on this opportunity! oh yeah, the weather here is pretty nice and Thailand,Australia,China,etc are only a few hour flight away:) Phone Post
1/24/13 8:39 AM
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I meant to say it is one of the nicest facilities I have been to, and I have been all over the U.S.

Singapore food is pretty good too, just don't stop by Baja Fresh for a quick meal! Phone Post
1/24/13 9:33 AM
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Sorry that link is not working. Let me try this one.


1/24/13 10:18 AM
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Very interesting. Is this open to fighters who already have their own management? Phone Post
1/24/13 10:58 AM
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Fighters can continue with their own management if they want. Phone Post
1/24/13 11:10 PM
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1/24/13 11:37 PM
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1/25/13 4:32 AM
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Bump bump bump it up Phone Post
1/25/13 6:40 AM
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TTT for Heath. Phone Post
1/25/13 8:07 AM
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Gonna send out an email later today.

1/25/13 8:16 AM
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Ttt Phone Post
1/25/13 8:25 AM
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1/25/13 8:54 AM
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Amazing gym.

ttt Phone Post
1/25/13 9:34 AM
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I've been in touch.

1/25/13 9:53 AM
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TTT Phone Post
1/25/13 8:18 PM
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Ttt for when I'm on my comp Phone Post
1/25/13 8:29 PM
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So wish I was a pro fighter right about now.

1/25/13 9:04 PM
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Here is another article describing the program.

I have never seen an opportunity better than this. Live in Corporate housing, learn from great coaches and partners, live in an amazing city, earn a salary with Asia's largest and best MMA academy. When you are ready you will have access to an immediate fight career in a major organization.

The fight game is not easy. Don't go at it alone! Join the best Team in Asia!

1/25/13 11:11 PM
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E-mail sent

1/26/13 1:18 AM
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Evolve has a proven track record and works so well with One FC, I'm sure anyone on their fight team would get a good opportunity for themselves on that platform to showcase their talent Phone Post
1/26/13 11:17 AM
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very cool

1/26/13 10:49 PM
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If you have Heath Simms as a coach you can't go wrong. Phone Post
1/26/13 10:56 PM
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Here some additional information on Evolve and the Fight Team.

http://mma-in-asia.com/region/singapore/evolve-mma-on-the-hunt-for-more-pro-fighters/ Phone Post
1/27/13 3:33 AM
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Wish I could turn back the clock!

Learn wrasslin, and I love Singapore women....

Guys coming up have such better opportunities than when sport was still small 10 years ago. Phone Post