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1/19/06 5:25 AM
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Check this out: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3891832709081896340&q=arona Arona was a bit open during standup, yes. Fedor seemed to have better cardio in the long run, yes. But Arona got the mount position so often that I lost count. I believe that strikes were allowed to the head during standup, but not on the ground. Still, Arona repeatedly got past Fedor's punches and took him down to the ground. If punches would have been allowed on the ground AND if Arona was a better finisher with either ground and pound or submissions (lol), he might have won that day. And I wouldn't bet against him, necessarily, if they had a rematch. What do you think? Check the match before you answer.
1/19/06 6:39 AM
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ttt 4 later
1/19/06 8:00 AM
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1/19/06 9:45 AM
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1/19/06 9:52 AM
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1/19/06 9:54 AM
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rings doesnt allow face punching on the ground
1/19/06 10:02 AM
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Fedor would terminate him nowadays.
1/19/06 10:03 AM
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"imagine in pride Arona being at the bottom of those sprawls and eating knees.. or Fedor taking those punches from mount.. could be interesting.. i see fedor taking it" I'm no Arona fan, but Arona mounted Fedor many times before gassing a bit and THEN ended under Fedor's sprawl a few times. It would be an interesting match. If only Arona would work on his finishes some more.
1/19/06 1:31 PM
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Arona wouldn't be able to roidragemuscle Fedor around and would get beaten into a pulp. Arona's jaw would crumble under an onslaught from Fedor's fists.
1/19/06 1:38 PM
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Arona would have as much chance as the others...which is to say, he has no chance.
1/19/06 1:52 PM
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umm no
1/19/06 1:53 PM
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Without seeing this fight yet, Arona is being underestimated here. He beat Kerr in ADCC though Kerr was by all accounts in pretty horrible shape. Still, a guy like Arona or Randy might be the best matchup for Fedor right now. Someone that could take him down and not get submitted like Coleman (Randys sub defense has come along way, we all know that). Arona's actual sub game may not be all that but im sure he wouldnt get tapped like Coleman either. We have seen the best sub fighter in the game not get anywhere with Fedor. We have seen the best striker in the game not get anywhere him either. Fedor has shown that he can be taken down (against Randlman and Coleman) but dont forget Fedor went right at those guys with striking so he probably wasnt worried about going to the ground against them. If he fought Arona today, im sure he would be more careful about avoiding the takedown and Arona would also have to deal with a much improved all around game from Fedor. Arona showed that he has excellement shot selection against Silva both times so he isnt unskilled at facing a dangerous striker to get the takedown. Pride already put together a rematch between Nog and Hendo from their own controversial decision in Rings but that was at the point where Nog was running out of guys to face. Arona has rematches with Shogun and maybe Silva again and, well, Fedor, I guess needs an opponent....
1/19/06 1:57 PM
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Dogmeat has good perspective on this. However, i think it would be a good matchup. I think how well Arona does with Shogun would be a better indicator of how he would do with Fedor today more so than against Silva. I also think Randy and Fedor would be great.
1/19/06 1:59 PM
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Fedor has improved a ton since then. Arona, not so much IMO. Still, to hang with Fedor at any point in his career say a lot about Arona.
1/19/06 2:41 PM
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Arona will lay there and pray. Fedor will keep attacking and KO or submit Arona.
1/19/06 2:53 PM
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LOL@J Arona is great, hell he is ranked like 4 or 5. He may be top 3 LHW. He is still boring as hell. *Yawns*
1/19/06 2:57 PM
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From: bsrizpac
Date: 01/19/06 01:31 PM
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"Fedor lost that fight. "

i agree

1/19/06 2:59 PM
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Fedor is much better in all areas since that fight. Arona, is basically the same fighter. Also, in a rematch, its doubtful that Fedor would try and pull a guillotine every time Arona shot on him. If you watch that fight, you will see that Arona takes Fedor down twice. Every other time, its FEdor going for that guillotine. Don't know why he kept going for it, as he never came close, perhaps he thought he could tire Arona out from having to defend it.
1/19/06 3:02 PM
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Arona couldn't even take Silva down consistently in their rematch, and couldn't do anything at all with him on the ground. Fedor is bigger, stronger, and a far better wrestler than Silva.
1/19/06 3:07 PM
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Arona would want no part of today's Fedor.
1/19/06 3:08 PM
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"Fedor is bigger, stronger, and a far better wrestler than Silva." Fedor is bigger, he hits harder, not sure if he is stronger (possibly), but he is definitely FAR BETTER wrestler than Silva. Fedor can take on any level (or skill) BJJ Blackbelt and defeat them in a ground game. He is only one I seen toy with Nogueria on the ground! And Nogueria is phenomenal! Before NoG put on a submission, Fedor sensed it and got out, and he escaped many submissions by NoG. Fedor will submit Arona, since Arona loves the ground game. His standup is not as good as Fedor's.
1/19/06 3:36 PM
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fedor has been facing better competition, bigger competition, and has been beating that competition, unlike arona.. whos lost to rampage, shogun, vandy.
1/19/06 4:13 PM
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It's funny when Arona does his perplexed thing when a decision doesn't go his way.
1/19/06 4:57 PM
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IMO, Arona has already beat Fedor. I think there are three fighters in the world right now who would beat Fedor, and not a one of them is a heavyweight. I'm sure Shogun would beat him. I pretty sure Vanderlei would beat him. And I think Arona would beat him (again)
1/19/06 4:59 PM
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"I'm sure Shogun would beat him. I pretty sure Vanderlei would beat him. And I think Arona would beat him (again)" Roflamo! Some of you should be comedians! By the way I am a HUGE fan of Silva! Some nuthuggers are clueless.