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UFC bantamweight Aspen Ladd appeared to shake and grimace during the weigh-ins, for UFC on ESPN+ 13 on July 13, 2019 in Sacramento, California. There widespread speculation that she was yet another victim of the culture of extreme weight-cutting in MMA. However, CSAC commission physician Dr. Gary Furness reported that "she was not dangerously dehydrated. She had moist mucous membranes, her vital signs were stable, and within a few minutes she was starting to orally rehydrate and was back to normal."

A contributing factor may have been stress from the monumental pressure of being in the main event and having struggled with weight cuts in the past. However, Ladd Ladd put added 24 pounds between the weigh-ins and fight time, leading CSAC ED Andy Foster to suspend her from competing at bantamweight, until she could demonstrate a safer cutting process, which she did for Yana Kunitskaya on Saturday at UFC on ESPN 7.

“The last one was just brutal and I think part of it was because I did the cut twice in a six-week period but everything’s going good right now,” said Ladd to Damon Martin for MMA Fighting. We’ve done things that have worked in the past. We’re working with the [UFC Performance Institute] and we’re working with a nutritionist. Everything has gone extremely well.”
"I’ve been dieting since the middle of September so I’ve had time to acclimate to it. Being very, very strict. I have a meal plan company, I have my coach and I have the PI so I’m utilizing it all together and they’re doing an extremely good job.
“I have things explained to me on a daily basis that I didn’t know before. Like there’s a difference between a water load and a water taper for example. It’s just there’s little things you’re going to learn the rest of your career. It’s the same as fighting. I’m never going to know all of it.”
“I’m usually very good at the recovery part of it. It’s just getting there you feel like you’re going to die."