UnderGround Forums Attn Dfw jr: Please allow us Pride FC in HD/BR

1/28/13 1:30 AM
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Please, for the love of god, the casual fans need it and the hardcore fans MUST have it. Its hard enough to see the fights in reasonable quality.

Whats the issue? There could be money to be made, especially with the hardcore fans.
I want to see my boys Wandy, Shogun, Hendo, Igor, Fedor, and Cro cop in HD! Hell if they release BR dvd's i would buy them all. Phone Post
1/28/13 1:32 AM
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I literally think about making this thread every day. Will VU.
1/28/13 1:33 AM
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Especially the Blu Rays.
1/28/13 1:41 AM
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What you are asking for is literally impossible. Pride was never in HD. I mean some of the later events might've been, but most of the events were probably shot in fullscreen and not 1080p.

As for Blu-ray, UFC only seems to release the compilation sets on Blu-ray anyway. I think WEC 48 and UFC 100 got Blu-rays and that's about it.
1/28/13 1:45 AM
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Yep, I don't usually buy UFC dvds but was pretty bummed when I couldn't get 139 on BR.
1/28/13 1:58 AM
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In for Pride Blu-Rays. Phone Post
1/28/13 2:25 AM
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The best you can hope for is a Best of or compilation set. And it still wouldn't be true HD since most Pride events were never shot in HD.
1/28/13 3:33 AM
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Pride wasnt even filmed in 16:9 Phone Post
1/28/13 3:40 AM
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The DVDs are still pretty good quality though.  More than enough to enjoy the fights.

1/28/13 4:07 AM
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simonpe -  Pride wasnt even filmed in 16:9 Phone Post

Right so any event in "widescreen" would have to be some edited, chopped up version and would look weird.
1/28/13 6:55 AM
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DVD is dead guys. If it didn't happen 5 years ago the chances are less even now.