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If anybody is looking for headgear to wear while rolling in BJJ or Nogi grappling, check out JitzGear.com. Their product is the first of it's kind on the market and is a great replacement to traditional wrestling headgear.

12/10/12 9:20 AM
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12/10/12 9:35 AM
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would that not just come off??
12/10/12 9:40 AM
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For the uneducated/non-training type (aka me) what is the difference between this and a large headband?

Not trying to be cheeky or anything, just wondering if it's the material used or the style of it or something else I'm not seeing?
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@Master Bater,
It's a pretty snug fit, so it is designed to stay in place. When I go to my inverted gaurd it sometimes slides a bit, but no more than wrestling head gear would. If it does slide or come off, adjust it or throw it to the side and keep rolling, it's training gear.
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@Chris Power,
You're correct. The concept is based on other headband products. Products such as a headband runners use to shield from cold weather. The added feature on the JitzGear Ear Protector, is the additional reinforcement around the ears. This will prevent ear damage, commonly known as cauliflower ear.
12/10/12 9:48 AM
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Ah, cool! Well it sounds like a neat design, I look forward to hearing fighter responses!
12/10/12 9:49 AM
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Website needs video and more extensive pictures.

I want to see it in action.
Get it on youtube.
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@fat referee,
Another feature is that you can customize the Ear Protector to display any logo of your choice.
12/10/12 9:51 AM
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If I could buy it without the name on it, or if they would replace the name with a cool logo - then maybe I would try it, but the name on it is ugly as heck.

Also why are there no pictures on the website of people actually wearing them?

Does look like a good concept and if it is a good product I wish them well.
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I will be shooting vedeo of myself using it soon and uploading to YouTube and embedding on the site.

Hopefully this week.
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As metioned earlier and on the site, you can submit a custom logo.
12/10/12 11:24 AM
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12/10/12 1:40 PM
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Shit looks gay! Phone Post
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@Night Hawk,
Thanks for the feedback.
12/10/12 2:48 PM
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So basically your trying to market common ear bands as bjj headgear?
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Similar concept, but different features and use.
12/10/12 2:54 PM
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Marcelw03 - @cheesesteak,
Similar concept, but different features and use.

Well either way. Good luck with the product. Maybe you should set up a stand at some larger tournaments!
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Yep. Will be at Masters Worlds next year, so that's a possiblilty.
12/10/12 4:04 PM
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Interesting idea. How breathable is the material? My current head gear is plastic and gets very hot.

As others have mentioned, I would also prefer a smaller less noticeable logo or no logo.
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There are currently two options, 'JitzGear logo' and 'Custom Logo'. Based on this feedback, I am going to add a third option for 'No Logo'.

The material is Neoprene, the same type of material used in knee sleeves.
12/10/12 5:40 PM
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have you had any issue with overheating Marcelw03? as when i have Neoprene knee sleeves they get very hot and sweaty... and eventually chafe and make me very uncomfortable.

not to mention they stink after a while no atter how often you wash them and need changing regularly lol
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@Master Bater,
I only wear the Ear Protector during live rolls, so 5 to 8 min at a time. It might get a little warm, but that's to be expected when training.
12/10/12 10:03 PM
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'No Logo' option has been added at a reduced price. Thanks for the feedback.
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JitzGear Ear Protector is also available on EBay, however 'Custom Logo' is only available on the website, JitzGear.com

Ebay listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/121010001374