UnderGround Forums BJJ blackbelts in Australia?

4/8/13 1:27 AM
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I was researching BJJ black belts in Australia, and so far I've only come up with Father James Grant. (http://www.chaplainswithoutborders.org/news.html)

Has anyone taken his self defense program?
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Usually they're listed on the gyms website. TP gym for example: Alex Prates, Bernardo Trekko, Renato Vieira

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4/8/13 1:48 AM
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George Soti
Anthony Perosh
Elvis Sinosic Phone Post 3.0
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Darren McKean http://sassom.com.au/brazilian-jiu-jitsu/
Matt Cooper http://www.advancemartialarts.com.au/ama-instructors/ama-head-instructors/amamattcooper
Eduardo Dias http://www.garrabjj.com.au/?page_id=21

All three based in Brisbane.

4/8/13 2:22 AM
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Last time anyone counted, it was up somewhere between 60 and 80.

Believe it or not, we also have electricity, and even teh interwebs.
4/8/13 2:34 AM
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Thanks for the responses. Anyone have experience with James Grant? That may be the best option for me. Plus he has 20 years of experience.
4/8/13 2:41 AM
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John Will. Original BB. Phone Post 3.0
4/8/13 3:10 AM
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never heard of him.

is it a traditional japanese jiu jitsu black belt?

4/8/13 3:14 AM
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The website only says "CWOB Director, Father James Grant, has been training self defence programs for over twenty years and has a black belt in jiu jitsu."

and then further down says: "The martial arts program we use is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – the same one SWAT teams and the military use. But the big picture is all about developing personal resilience."

It seems a bit odd to me. Maybe he's a Japanese jiu jitsu black belt and is just promoting BJJ because it's more marketable these days.
4/8/13 3:27 AM
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John Will was the first BJJ black belt in Aussie I think. I know he was one of the first 12 outside of brazil. Dude is hard case. Phone Post 3.0
4/8/13 3:49 AM
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A guy I know here in Canberra through a mate is a black

Ben Mallia Phone Post
4/8/13 3:53 AM
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Thought Pete Debeen was first Aussie blackbelt. Or maybe it was first Aussie blackbelt from the Gracies Phone Post 3.0
4/8/13 3:56 AM
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There is 4 at the gym I train at in Perth Phone Post 3.0
4/8/13 4:05 AM
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John will is a machado black belt. There's Richard Sargent in Sydney who is a black belt under John will Phone Post
4/8/13 4:35 AM
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To my knowledge, There are at least three in Adelaide. michael toyama just got his about a month ago.
I have also trained with Rob Williams, a bb from ground zero in Melb. He has good skills.
4/8/13 4:52 AM
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yeh there's a shitton of black belts now. basically any decent mma gym in the country has a black belt trainer.

I remember in 2003 when I first got into mma I started training bjj in perth (didn't last long - I was an fat 18 year old with major self esteem, social anxiety and depression problems..boo hoo) the highest belt you could find were purples, and there were like less than 10 at that time. i and all the other whites worshipped blue belts to the point where the next step would have kissing the ground they walk on.

ahhhh nostalgia.

4/8/13 5:02 AM
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Add Ross Dallow to the list Phone Post 3.0
4/8/13 5:06 AM
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big g isn't a black belt but he's legit.. he's the eddie bravo of Australia

4/8/13 5:39 AM
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as said - absolutely loads - between 60-80 is probably about right
4/8/13 5:42 AM
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chopiesel - A guy I know here in Canberra through a mate is a black

Ben Mallia Phone Post
Racial profiling is not nice, white. Phone Post 3.0
4/8/13 5:46 AM
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Fabio Coringa, GFteam.

Awesome gym. Phone Post 3.0
4/8/13 5:47 AM
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Taff Davies got his from Royler recently I believe Phone Post
4/8/13 5:52 AM
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3rdLion -
chopiesel - A guy I know here in Canberra through a mate is a black

Ben Mallia Phone Post
Racial profiling is not nice, white. Phone Post 3.0
Genuine lol Phone Post
4/8/13 5:53 AM
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Anyone recommend a decent school in Melbourne? Phone Post 3.0
4/8/13 6:06 AM
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Bruno Alves in Crows Nest, NSW Phone Post 3.0